1/4 tank issue, how common, worth addressing?


I'm getting to the point of installing the Espar heaters and can't seem to find the threads i had saved about them; specifically about the 1/4 tank issue. I'm about to mock everything up (fuel lines, coolant lines, etc.) and wanted to make sure I ordered everything that I'll need. I know some people have used a sump.

$151. For that price I want to make sure it's actually worth it. My gas tank was shortened a bit, so to keep it above 1/4 tank all the time will result in a lot of pit stops. What can happen by the heater not picking up fuel, just lose its prime? I assume it's from the fuel sloshing around and not getting picked up, but the kit came with a pickup that I'll have to cut because it's too long. So I should be able to just get it down close to the bottom and be fine right? Any input or guidance towards existing threads would be greatly appreciated.