1 year old at Overland Expo West?


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Has anyone brought a 1 year old to Overland Expo? My wife and I are going for the first time and we are wondering if anyone has brought a child this young before and what you guys think about bringing a 1 year old.



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Not much different than taking an infant anywhere else outdoors for a day. Sunscreen, snacks, patience, and a plan.

I recommend one of the hiking packs where your kid rides on your back. That worked well for us a few years ago at that event.

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I'll be the Ogre in this discussion.

Just remember that 1 year old child will dictate what you can and cannot do the WHOLE WEEKEND at Expo.

Pushing em in a stroller holding em in your arms or on your back moving around the large dusty dry and hot field outdoors that is Expo trying to enjoy the event will not be much fun for you or your 1 year old child from my perspective.

Yes I was the Ogre who left our then 1 year daughter with Granny to care for her while we took our then 6 year old daughter to Disney/Universal in Florida as promised. My wife and I did not want the 1 year to run the show during the whole trip to Disney/Universal. That then 1 year old daughter also got her special trip to Disney/Universal when she was 6 years old so in reality she didn't miss a thing not going to Disney/Universal the first time when she was only 1 year old.

Something to seriously consider IF you have trusted child care available this weekend for your 1 year old child.
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