10-12 days from Copenhagen in Winter - suggestions on what to do & where to go?

Christian P.

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Hello everyone!

We are planning a last minute trip to Denmark/Sweden/Norway over the Holidays.

My wife and I are flying into Copenhagen on the 26th and flying out of Stockholm on Jan 8th.

We are considering renting a car but we are totally flexible and right now we have a blank canvas to start with.

Any suggestion or idea about things to see and itinerary would be greatly appreciated! (especially for NYE!)

thank you
Hi Christian

That depends of your interest. We have castles, parliment, museums, resturants, shopping and general sightseeing. With newyears coming up, you should be well entertained by the fireworks and festivities. The one thing we don't have at the moment, is winter :)
For the snow and winter conditions, that is going to happen when you fly further north to Stockholm.



Let’s go already!
Remember that NOR and SWE are huge countries. If you want to drive north for aurora or to Arctic Circle, or Nordkapp, long days of driving with very short amount of daylight. The cities are ok, but there is so much more. Go dog sledding. Go for a hike. Stay in an ice hotel.

Lots of info on UK forums.

Have fun, and Merry Christmas.

Christian P.

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Thanks Guys - Not looking to do a tons of driving, mostly just relaxing and spending time with my wife. A couple nice hikes would be great too. I'll post and ask more details as the plan unfold.

That said, we do like a good party for NYE...

Right now all we have is 2 nights in Copenhagen. The rest is all open.
It's a little hard to give any real advice, based from your initial posts.
There are places to experience, but where will you be?

Copenhagen for two days, will give you time to walk around the Nyhavn area, see a few castles (Amalienborg being the main royal recidence) The little mermaid, Christiania. See what's happening at Strøget and Kongens Nytorv.