[$10K PRICE DROP} 2000 Ford Excursion Limited 7.3L diesel 4x4 set up for offroad adventures & expeditions

Still available. Priced well below market value. It would be impossible to build one to the same upfit level for less than well over twice the cost (> $55-60k & months/years of build time to replicate this vehicle to the same upfit level). Truly fantastic value when compared to comparable vehicles built to similar upfit level.
What is the mileage?

Just over 180k, as stated in 1st line of engine specs. However, the legendary 7.3L turbo intercooled diesel is known for its reliability, and they regularly last for 500k miles with only regular oil & filter changes. And the version of 7.3 in this vehicle is the better earlier version with forged rods from the factory, not the powdered metal rods (PMR) that the newer versions came with.

The only weak point on these trucks is the trans, which has been more than sufficiently addressed with a fully built John Wood (JWTT) 'Street Performance' 4R100 transmission installed only 20k miles ago. Trans has billet input, output & intermediate shafts, upgraded valve body & upgraded large 26-row transmission cooler, as well as all available updates. Best Powerstroke transmission in the industry - $7,400 installed for these items alone, with receipt for proof ($7,900 receipt incl. $500 for International bellowed stainless steel up-pipes installed at same time) . Cost of same setup today is $8,800, as cost of transmission alone has increased in price by $900 from $5,700 to $6,600 since transmission was installed. The only 2 shops in the world that build a bullet proof 4R100 trans are JWTT in El Centro, CA (who built this truck's trans) or Brian's Truck Shops (BTS) in Lead Hill, AR. This trans is not your average ~ $3k rebuilt / reman'd or even better quailty ATS trans that might require replacing every 3 - 5 years if used hard. Yet the trans doesn't require any special care or maintenance.