1964 Nissan Patrol soft top restoration


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What a great job! Is this going to be driven, or a museum piece? I wouldn't want to be the first one to scratch it!
I really can't say. I hope it gets driven and it needs to be driven, at the least to break it in. I am really not sure what the owner will do with it, that is all up to him. It is nice though, real friggin nice. I would want some serious insurance on it, since a large amount of the parts put into this truck are unobtanium.



When this is complete, I think you should finish this thread with a photo spread of 25-30 pics of this truck. Note to moderators: when this is done, make it a sticky for the Nissan section. 🏻🏻🏻🏻


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Nice work Ian :cool:

It's neat to see so many similar manufactures between the Patrol and Land Cruiser. Koito, Toshiba, Yazaki (still makes Land Cruiser spark plug wire sets)

Keep up the updates coming