1970 SIIA Dormobile - fitting Propex and second battery

Hi all,

RHD 2.6 (euro spec) 109SW here, pretty much all original apart from a Roamerdrive. Kitchen unit and wardrobe with seat/step.

Can a second battery fit alongside the first one under the passenger seat without modifying the seat box?

I would like to fit a Propex HS2000 heater as I'm already carrying gas. Where do most folk put their heaters in Landy dormobiles? I'm thinking in the kitchen unit under the sink although I'm worried the outlet and inlet pipes will stick out into the wheel well and be a bit too close to the tyre.

And any underbody water storage recommendations that would allow me to pump into the sink with a new foldaway tap?

Thank you!


Log on to defendersource.com and look for Teri Ann Wakeman - or go to her site here: http://www.tjwakeman.net/
Teri Ann has been using her Dormobile for extended travels for over thirty years and has made many modifications to her Land Rover with some very ingenious use of space.
She has also written an excellent book about traveling in her Land Rover. I'm sure she can answer all of your questions.



Thanks Jack

I actually ordered her book a few hours before posting!

I've spent a good few hours on google and the various forums but haven't found anything that will really help with these specific questions.

The real PIA is that the Landy is garaged an hour away from home so I'm reluctant to pop over to just measure the battery box.

She has a water tank in the cavity ahead of her left rear wheel arch but her truck is a two door 109. She also has a propane bottle mounted underneath somewhere. She gave us a "tour' of her truck at OEX East in 2016 but I don't remember her battery setup.
My 109 diesel wagon originally came with two batteries - one under the drivers seat and the other one in the conventional location just in front of the air cleaner on the right hand side of the engine compartment. I think you could modify the battery box under the seat to hold two batteries but t would involve some cutting and welding to increase the footprint of the box.