1974 crew cab

my vote for a year-correct paint color. In fact that metallic green looks good on those trucks. As does the bronze.

My dad and uncle bought their '76 F250's brand new at the same time, dads was brown and cream tu-tone, uncles was that green.

I am kinda partial to the Midnight Blue I think it is called. Buddy's dad had a '78 that color.



If you decide to go the FiTech route, let me know.

I will be installing it on a 71 GTO in a couple weeks.

We can compare notes.
That is one nice looking Crew you have there. Makes me miss my 60 Oroville Specialty Co. F250 Crew Cab i had back in the day. Will be looking for a replacement and a couple newer ones to add to the collection.
I say go with the 6BT when you get tired of the 390. Put the 390 into a hot rod or something.
As an aside, anybody remember the episode of the Knight Rider TV show where a Green dent or flaresided Ford Crew cab 4X4 jumped over Kitt? Got to watch them film that scene and it was AWESOME. Also reme.ber right after the landed n wrecked I looked behind me and saw the same truck driving down the freeway. What are the chances? Remember hoping that it was coming up to redo the shoot . Glad they didn't cause it would erect a beautiful truck and I believe that's where I fell in love with the crew cabs .