1976 Land Rover Series III 109 build "Montoya"


Three criminal heroes
Nice 109 you got there, Cameron!

Sorry for my tardiness gents (and ladies).

I took a detour to work on my 1988 90 out of need and a little want. I took an early retirement last year and I am going to finally get to do what I want to do, at least for a short time. I sold my CLS 63 work sled and needed a new daily driver. Enter Vizzini. A rust free, recently painted 90 from the south of Italy. Smart, but woefully underpowered, Vizzini needed a little grunt to go with his good looks. Below I’ve posted some before and after transformation pics of the weakling wuss to the brawny blazer. Basically, a six month Series sabbatical to focus on the Defender daily driver.

Vizzini got new shoes, a 2” squat, interior mods to accommodate my length and girth, and a little more power in the form of an LS3/6L80 harvested from a 2012 Camaro. Just before my unexpected retirement, I purchased Fezzik a highly modified 1976 101 FC Radio body. My intention is to create a highly capable overland camper. The PO already upgraded all the mechanicals and a couple of creature comforts. Unfortunately, this puts Montoya’s future in question. I have all the parts to finish him, but too many projects. I’ll be puting him up for sale soon. My how unexpected situations can dramatically change the future.

Anyway, check out the pictures below. I’ve been driving Vizzini for a couple of months now and all I can say is WOW!!!



Three criminal heroes
Hey, Psycho, how goes the build? I just sold my 904 and now working on getting the 911 ready for BaT, then back to Montoya. I also have the 101 heading my way for my expedition vehicle. This is more fun than any human should be allowed to have!

Great build thread. Having just picked up a 67 series 2a 109 I'm sure I will venture back to your experiences as help in mine. This being my first dealings with a vehicle such as this.

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