1976 MB 911 4x4 - One for the wood lovers!

The Toy Guy

Not really a fan of wood but damn, that makes me smile as well.

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vehicle description
Purchased 2 years ago in a Mercedes dealership with 14000km of origin (paper support with maintenance book), 1st gray card in my name and CT virgin until 2021. simply no costs to provide, all the oil changes and greasing have been redone.Roule every day.Carrosserie new. Outdoor level: a gallery on the cabin, with a fixed trunk and spare wheel, a second large gallery on the roof of the box with 2 solar panels counting 560watts.Un winch system can mount the wheel! Ext truck: 4soutes, a storage for the ladder, tire inflation system (airgun and manometer taken on the air bottles), 2 sand removal ramps, 2 back-up cameras, 2 door bicycles, ext. socket under the bed a large trunk accessible by a hatch on the crate, with large ext. the cabin: a rear door used to access a large tool box. The passenger seat (3places) can turn easily on the road or in the other direction to give on a living room with table facing another bench but also can turn into a bed! Storage everywhere and passage cabin-soft box that can close by door sliding with lock. Blackout curtains on all the windows and windshield of the cabin. The box I built it completely there is 1years made of tube of 50metallic with false chassis. Insulation60 of styro on the ground and all the rest in 45.Library, barrels with storage, oil lamps leds, a wood stove in old soldering station, a car radio with 2enceintes front and 2dans the cash register, lights everywhere, a large bed 2places with tablet for computer,