1980 E350 Quadravan


Posting this for a non-Expo buddy.

As the title states, a low mile (~65k) 1980 Ford E350 Quadravan is ready for a new home. Price: $10,000 USD, located in Tacoma, WA

The details:
  • Ex search and rescue van (hence the sweet bright yellow stripe down the side)
  • 7.5l 460 V8, C6 transmission
  • NP205 transfer case
  • Dana 70 rear axle 3.73 gears, Dana 44HD up front.
  • Single panhard bar conversion using Art-Morrison kit to remove the wonky dual trackbar setup.
  • Warn winch and winch bumper up front
  • 5 315/75/16 Duratracs on new wheels. The tires have about 90% on them.
  • Queen bed platform built up inside, tall enough to house the spare tire underneath.
  • Cibie sealed beam conversion with DDM tuning HID kit.
  • Large folder of maintenance history from its time in service.

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Since you asked - here's my feedback:

Van: KBB doesn't go back to 1980, the oldest they show on line is 1992, and the price would be in the $1500-$3000 range. This one shows low miles, so the price should be higher, but in a van this old we have to assume it's rolled at least once, so the price should be lower. Needs paint - shouldn't really affect the book value, but it does affect the mental value. A quick trip to Maaco by the new owner would solve that.

4x4 Conversion: It's not hard to find a place to convert a full size van into 4x4. Everybody knows somebody who "can do that for a couple grand" but in reality, having it done professionally is going to cost a fortune. Figure anywhere between $15k and $25k, depending on "challenges"

Bumper and winch: - $1k?

Tires: $1500?

Conservatively that rolls up to $15-$20k in value.

However, a quick look at Craigslist shows me I can get an '01 Astro Van for $6k, or a '94 Dodge Quigley/Sportsmobile for $25.5k. Obviously on either side of the spectrum from this one, but both present themselves nicer in the pictures.

So my opinion, for what's its worth. I think, assuming it runs and drives well, that you are well priced for what you have, maybe even a bit of a bargain, but you need to find the buyer that loves the '80s van look, and wants to finish out the project themselves. If I was shopping today, I would probably be looking at that Astro, telling myself that I would eventually put a Colorado Campervans poptop on it (which I wouldn't actually ever get around to doing) and having the piece of mind that everything is 21 years newer. I really think the age is going to mean you have to hold on until somebody is specifically looking for that body style. When they find you, I think they'll be getting a good deal.



^What he said.
You have to look at what features vans are selling with. Paint this one, clean up some of the surface rust, tidy the wiring on the hitch, hang a spare tire, get rid of the 1/2 assed platform and lay down some plank floor in the back and you will get many more looks. No one wants to spend 10k on someone else's shaggin wagon project. If it were $5k cheaper we'd be interested. Good luck with your sale!


Thanks both for the feedback!

one quick note re: the mileage, this is a documented low mileage rig with service history since new, no odometer rollover here!


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I’m interested in looking at your buddy’s van. Can you send me his contact information?