1984 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ45 Overlanding Vehicle $60,000


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1984 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ45
Diesel LHD with original 3B engine & aftermarket Turbo

Asking price
: $60,000 USD

Vehicle Location: Currently being stored on Vancouver Island. We had to make a last minute trip back to Australia, however, we can arrange inspections for serious buyers. Delivery to Washington State can also be arranged when we return in December.

Imported into the US from Switzerland in 2019, currently plated in Montana with all relevant importation documents and a clean Class C Motorhome title.

The vehicle is in excellent condition and expedition ready, fully equipped with a huge range of accessories to aid your adventure.
The vehicle has never been a daily driver, and has spent alternating periods in storage or completing long tours with regular maintenance.

Click below to download detailed information brochure:

Click below for cold start, highway driving & walk through video:

Full set of photos here:

Detailed walk through videos here:

The Facts:
  • Mileage: 162,581 miles (261,650km)
  • Model: BJ45LV-KCW
  • Production Date: August 1984
  • First registered: August 1985 in Switzerland
  • Camper conversion: 2001
  • Driver‘s position: Left hand drive
  • Engine: 3B; 3.400ccm diesel
  • Gear shift type: 4F; MTM 4-speed floor shift
  • Power steering: Yes
  • Rear axle: Full floating
  • Dimensions L/W/H: 17,71ft/5,51ft/8,43ft // 5,40m/1,68m/2,57m (with roof top and rear storage box)
  • Weight empty: ~5.070 lbs (2.300 kg)
  • Total weight: ~6.724 lbs (3.050 kg) (incl. water, fuel, luggage, two people)
  • Fuel consumption: Average: 19,6 MPG // 12l/100km over 30k miles
  • Range: ~435 miles // 700 km (Fuel tank size is 22,2 gal / 84L)
The Story:
This truck was purchased new and held by one Swiss owner until 2017. The original owner engaged a professional cabin builder to construct the custom fiberglass cabin in Switzerland in 2001. The owner then shipped the vehicle to North America in 2002 where he completed the PanAmerican Highway, driving from Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina. Following this trip, the vehicle was shipped back to Switzerland where it spent a number of years in secure storage, making the occasional trip to Landcruiser Club meetings and awaiting an overlanding trip to Africa that never came.

The vehicle was sold in 2017 to its second owners, a German couple who, after making a number of improvements, shipped the vehicle to first Iceland, and then Colombia after which the vehicle was driven once again to Ushuaia, Argentina. When they returned to the US from Latin America, the couple imported the vehicle into Arizona as a Class C Motorhome and continued their travels up the West Coast to Washington State.

In July 2019, we purchased the vehicle and had it titled in Washington State. We then drove ~2000km in Washington and British Columbia before storing the vehicle and flying home to Australia where we would tie up some loose ends. We hoped to return to start the vehicles’ third expedition down the PanAmerican in 2020, unfortunately with the onset of Covid, we were unable to begin the trip and the vehicle was stored securely until May 2022. At this time we pulled the vehicle out and re-registered it in Montana. We have spent the last 5 months touring British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon and Alaska.

As shown in pictures, the rig is heavily modified from it’s original state.
Major modifications below:
  • Fibreglass cabin installed in 2001 converting the regular troop carrier into a expedition vehicle by professional cabin builder
  • Turbo installed on the 3.4L engine some time in 2002/2003 by Mudrak custom cruisers
  • Snorkel & Winch installed in 2001
  • OME springs installed in 2011
  • Rear Axel Air suspension installed in August 2015
Known Problems:
  • One of the two locks on the cabin door has seized (this may be an easy fix - we just use the other lock)
  • Minor scrapes, and small paint chips due to use as an overlanding vehicle
  • The truck has been very well maintained by all three owners with issues being fixed as they arise (see extensive maintenance log from 2017 at the end of the PDF)
Any questions please let us know!

Mack & Laura


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We saw your truck in Alaska a couple weeks ago and were quite surprised to see an US license plate on it! Very cool truck, and your listing, including the PDF, is fantastic 👍 GLWS


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We saw your truck in Alaska a couple weeks ago and were quite surprised to see an US license plate on it! Very cool truck, and your listing, including the PDF, is fantastic 👍 GLWS
He doesn’t exactly blend in 🤣 thanks a bunch and happy travels ✌🏼


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Seen you driving by our house in Victoria BC last week :) Good luck with the sale!

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