1987 Isuzu Trooper II - SOLD


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1987 Isuzu Trooper II
located Harrison, ARKANSAS 72601

$6750.00 FIRM

I've owned several years, daily drove it about a year before I moved to a different rig. Thinning out some space.
runs really good.
136,100 miles
2.3 4 cyl with 2.6 head and JERRY cam.
the engine was fully built by JERRY himself (Jerry Lemond - the "godfather" of isuzus)
2 door
Interior seats and side panels were all new from previous owner.
paint overall is solid. some fading on side pillar and roof.
some rust bubbles above the chrome on driver side rear arch
no rust issues on frame and body mounts that seem to have issues.
shifts fine, runs strong, 4wd all works, auto hubs
brakes, lights, gauges all good.
round headlight conversion
parking brake is ok on flat, slight slope but won't hold the rig on a slope by itself.
AC works but leaks. can be charged and ran but only lasts about a week.
glass all good.
have extra set of snowflake wheels
tire tread about 90% plus
no issue for it to be driven anywhere
sold AS IS

Here are some comments/notes from the seller in 2017 - adds some extra upgrades I didn't remember
dug out some notes from when i bought it in 2017 - NOTE - 2017 comments vs today!
all front ball joint/cv and suspension bushings replaced
replaced steering box
2 1/2 exhaust and muffler new from header to rear
disc brake conversion on all 4
as mentioned above, jerry cam, pacesetter headers, webber carb, - new/2017 OEM 2.6 head with new valves, spring guides and internals.
end of 2017 notes from seller

can easily work with a transporter and will easily load itself.
870-six eight eight - 23 five four

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What mileage was the rebuild done? New timing belt at that time?
Looking for first car for my son, thanks.


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timing belt shown in now posted build sheet.
less than 2000 miles on engine re-build.
i show as a new member but don't post much, member since 2010, so not someone just showing up to move my stuff.


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hella horns but not working right now. the steering wheel button did not work upon me receiving. has the new button mounted under dash. aftermarket/later model radio. has bluetooth and that works fine.
no drips/leaks.
Front runner load bars.
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SOLD. I always like having the rest of the story. Don't care about being nosey on peoples deals but with a real estate appraisal background having comparable sales is what helps to determine value. So for those that someday stumble on this thread and try to figure out what the trooper they are looking at is worth it or not here are my specs.
sold for my firm price of 6750.00
appx 7 days on the market. did not sell here, but on the lovely fb.
fb had lots of reach but also the wonderful comments about the "wrong model" (fb doesn't have this model as an option), gaming the system with a 1234.00 price point (fb won't let you put the real price if it doesn't fit their model on pricing, this one didn't). So once you answer the dumb questions it does get you a more local buyer.
i do think in this high market right now that bumped my price up by 10-20%. I do think that on BaT, with right buyer, it could have gone for 9 - 14,000. But didn't care to wait around to get listed (i did not check but have "heard" it can be months)

Thanks to expo portal for the exposure and the services/board you offer.

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