1988 Land Rover Defender Expedition/Overland


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Its been a long and enjoyable build. Had a great plan to bring it down to Costa Rica where we are building a house this fall. Unfortunately, after much detailed research, the bad news had surfaced...They are charging 80% on assigned value of the vehicle in order to legally import it and insure it there. So our dream started to fade...Our excitement is kind of gone since we don't see us there without our defender. I don't fee like buying and building another one there, since we just finished our absolutely unique and much loved rig. Long story short, this may be for sale if somebody is interested (and we may purchase another one right there). Please let me know your thoughts, offers, and I would be happy to answer any questions at 604 375-2884. It is legally imported from UK, legally insured and registered in Vancouver, BC, it is more than 25 years old (1988) so it is eligible for legal import into US. All history and documents available. Documented, certified original mileage on 2.5 TD engine is 14.641 miles. The rest of gear is simply too much to list in here. US$ 68.000


You can preview some more photos here:

http://s280.photobucket.com/user/stodorovic/slideshow/Land Rover Defender
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This thing is sick! Yeah I lived in Costa Rica for 5 years and they basically make it impossible it to import any kind of vehicle. Instead they want to sell you some shagged out rusted Tacoma with 200K on the clock for $30,000. Good luck down there, saw a lot of people lose the shirts of their backs in that country.


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Thanks Destructomatt,
Hope to find something half decent down there and try to repeat the process if possible. Where about in Costa Rica you lived for 5 years?