1989 Trooper Build

What did I just get myself into?

She's a 1989 Trooper that's rust free and yes that's the original interior and mileage. I will pick it up next weekend. It seems like a nice rig. I want to keep this build simple but functional. Because the original engine is no powerhouse I plan to keep heavy add-ons to a minimum.



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Are you rocking the Isuzu 4 cyl or the GM V6? Both have issues, but at least the GM engine is an easy swap out to a later/larger mill for more reliability and power.
From my understanding it has the 2.8 V6. The V6 was first offered in 1989 according to wiki. I am not too worried about power at this point, I enjoy life in the slow lane. So who make the best 3 inch lift for these first gen Troopers?
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From my understanding it has the 2.8 V6. The V6 was first offered in 1989 according to wiki. I am not too worried about power at this point, I enjoy life in the slow lane.
Ah well, it's not like you have much choice anyway for power, both the 2.8L V6 and the 2.6L I4 were around 120 hp...

Check out Independent4x.com for aftermarket stuff.
Get to know the website planetisuzoo.com as well. They are a wealth of info for these. They are not into the build aspect but they will definitely be your friends as far as keeping you running, where to get parts, and figuring out what's up with your machine.
The 1989s were offered with the V6 but this one is definitely a 2.6 four cylinder unless some one has removed all of the V6 emblems. But it is still a very nice TROOPER with a lot service left in it. Dave
The previous owner said it was a V6 but when I flew out to Michigan to pick it up it was definitely a 4 cylinder. Seeing how they make the same power I would rather have the Isuzu 4 cylinder because of the reliability and fuel mileage. I drove it over 2000 miles back to Utah in 3 days and she ran like a champ. The vehicle is in amazing condition. I am going to drive it for a few months before deciding which mods to make. The only mod I current plan to make is adding a 3rd row seat for the little kids.

So I have been driving my recently purchased a 1989 Isuzu Trooper for a few weeks now and I have a better idea of what I want to do with it. I want to use it as my daily driver and as a restoration vehicle for Retro Ramble/Relic Run http://www.relicrun.com adventure. This vehicle barely meets the prerequisite of being 1989 vehicle or older for Retro Ramble. In the past I have taken my fully restored 1983 Mitsubishi Turbo Diesel pickup. It is a fantastic truck and I love the 125hp and 200ft lbs of torque but it is getting too small for this yearly adventure. I need more seats or even better yet just take two vehicles.

I bought this Trooper with 60K miles on the clock. So it was in really good rust free condition. It has the 2.6 Isuzu engine, manual tranny, AC, and the rare SE
package. My plans are to do a round headlight conversion with all new parts, add new new carpet, a third row seat, and maybe a retro two tone paint job.

Because this Trooper is in such fantastic condition I did not feel it would be appropriate to install a broken and zip tied grille in it. So I splurged and bought a new round headlight grille off of ebay. The grille showed up today and it is fantastic. It was well worth the money.

I also found a new emblem. which came in the mail today.

My 1983 Mitsubishi Turbo Diesel SP. It has been fully restored and has a new 2.5L 4d56 Mitsubishi TD. Like I said it makes about 125hp and 200ft lbs torque. Here are a few pics of it on our most recent Relic Run. If you have a pre 1990 4x4 and you want to participate in this adventure let me know. It is held every summer in Utah with some of the industries most well known 4x4 experts. As for offroading, this 4 day adventure is pretty tame. It's more about 4x4's and enjoying retro camping the way it used to be with maps, dutch ovens, walkmans, Teddy Ruxpins and fanny packs.