1990 LHD PZJ70 Toyota Land Cruiser - lot's of recent work!


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I found this truck while hunting for Cruisers in Latin America. It was just to good to pass up so I bought it. The truck is currently located in California, it will be arriving in Boise, Idaho in under a week. I have all the import & customs clearance documents.

04/1990 PZJ70LV-MN is the model of this truck. Latin spec.
Vin: PZJ70-0001612
Engine: 1PZ
Trans: R151F
Axle: K255 and rear is an LSD (4.56 gears)
Color: 4K1
Trim: FA40 (LX trim)
Build plant: A11

This PZJ70 is considered a heavy duty version for this model of truck. As such it has the full float rear axle. Overload rear springs are also in the truck. Being an LX, it has a full gauge cluster, forward facing rear seat, LX interior trim, power steering/brakes/clutch and a few other things associated with the LX trim.

Mechanically the truck is very sound. No major mechanical issues of any kind, it does have a few last repairs on a long list of repairs I have done to the truck. I was working on the Cruiser down in Latin America before I imported it, these last repairs I detail below in this thread. The 1PZ 5cyl diesel starts, idles, revs and pulls very well. Transmission shifts excellent in all gears with zero issues, clutch is tight but is also light because it is boosted on this truck. Transfer case shifts excellent from high to low and the push button "FJ62 style" vacuum actuated 4H works flawless. Steering, brakes, axles, suspension, wiring and so forth are all in excellent condition with no issues.

The truck was painted by the P/O. This was not a backyard or cheapo paint job. It was equal to at least a $5,000 paint job here in the states if not $10,000. The rear quarters have been replaced, this was done well and there is very little body filler around where the quarters were welded in. Over all the body is in very good condition, no body filler besides the very small light amount expected around the replaced rear quarters. I go over all my trucks with an electronic body filler detector, you are welcome to check the truck over yourself using my detector. There is a little rust around the front LHS body mount in the drivers floor pan, it is very minor and about the size of a silver dollar. I can't find any rust anywhere else in the body. The frame is very clean, not even surface rust on it. The interior is in original condition besides new interior cards. I had the original cards replicated and had the original covering put on the new cards. The seats are original as well, I had the bottoms restuffed but the fabric is all original. The headliner is original and in very good condition.

This truck has to following equipment;

*341,000kms or 212,000 miles
*1PZ 5cyl diesel, 17 less hp than a 1HZ
*5spd trans, same trans used in 85-87 turbo 4-Runners
*push button 4wd t-case, just like a 62-series and it works excellent
*factory A/C, blows cold
*Full float rear axle
*4.56 factory gears in the diffs with an LSD in the rear, LSD works well.
*Power steering, boosted brakes and boosted clutch.
*LX trim - forward facing rear seat
*12volt electricals
*All glass in the truck is original, including the windshield

I have done the following work to the truck, I used only OEM Toyota parts unless noted otherwise;
*new timing belt & tensioner, timing gear case reseal - new OEM seals on IP drive gear, crank pulley and cam gear. At same time I installed a new OEM o-ring on the vacuum pump in the timing gear case. FIPG used to seal the appropriate areas on the case.
*new radiator, water pump, thermostat, upper and lower water outlets, radiator cap, upper and lower rad hoses and Toyota Red Coolant. Radiator is aftermarket, rest is OEM.
*new power steering pump reservior
*new fan belts
*new air filter, cleaned and serviced air filter housing. Aftermarket filter
*new oil filter and fresh engine oil.
*full front outer axle rebuild, free wheeling hubs also torn down, cleaned, painted and rebuilt.
*new front wheel studs pressed in the hub.
*new front leaf springs, pins and bushings. Aftermarket
*new trans top shifter housing assembly.
*both front and rear axle breathers cleaned.
*new wiper blades, Bosch
*good 2nd hand console
*new rear brake wheel cylinders. Aftermarket
*new oil pan drain plug and crush washer. I also pulled the pan, cleaned it and resealed it to the block using FIPG.
*new front outer axle rubber brake lines.
*new gear oil in diffs, trans & t-case. Rear axle got LSD fluid.
*new door/interior cards, fresh stuffing on seat bottoms.
*new battery and modified battery tray to hold the large battery.
*new brake, power steering and clutch fluids
*LED interior light bulb and gauge cluster bulbs
*new oil filler cap in valve cover

*UPDATE*: I have done a ton more work and upgrades to this truck since I first listed it. Well over $10k in parts put into this truck, the majority are OEM Toyota. Excellent truck ready to go, I would drive it anywhere (like TDF) tomorrow!

The PZJ70 gets 25+mpg depending on how you drive it. It is great fun to drive and with the 4.56 gears in the diffs plus the 31" tires it pulls really well and feels like it has plenty of power. It has an excellent turning radius making it easy to park in the city or maneuver off-road. A/C blows nice and cold. Clutch and power steering are very light in this truck making is very easy to drive. In my opinion this is a very cool Cruiser that is a lot of fun to drive. It makes the perfect city truck if you live in a Metropolitan area and want a smallish, great mpg, fun-easy to drive commuter. It also makes for a great off-roader or weekend get away truck.

This truck has well over $10,000 in recent parts, I have receipts for all of it.

Price: $25,000 with clean Idaho title.

I can perform more work to the truck if you like, obviously after purchase. Such as a lift kit, turbo, Harrop E-Lockers, bumpers and so forth. To see other trucks I have built please visit www.snlandcruisers.com

You can contact me at ian@snlandcruisers.com, pm me here or call/text me at 208-971-2625

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Changed out the crank pulley today with a new OEM one. The rubber between the two piece pulley had gone bad causing noise and wobble in the pulley.



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Lots more recent work on the truck including new wheels and tires, drilled and slotted brake rotors and much more!

Super cool rig!

I wish I had the need and the room for such a vehicle.

Question for you though, how are its highway manners with such a short wheel base? Just curious.

here's BUMP for ya :ylsmoke:


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Super cool rig!

I wish I had the need and the room for such a vehicle.

Question for you though, how are its highway manners with such a short wheel base? Just curious.

here's BUMP for ya :ylsmoke:

Highways is just fine, like anything else really.

Being SWB, SFA and leaf sprung it is a little bumpy around town but I just installed new Terrain Tamer shocks, should help a little.

Overall, it rides like a truck not a car or SUV.

These are one of the best 4x4's ever but the gold paint is a real issue in my opinion. (What worse color is there for a 4x4?) How much of a job would it be to repaint it? I know the drill as I've done a lot of other 4x4's but I dont know much about these models specifically. Are all the interior panels/dash gold as well underneath? I assume you'd be looking at a full body-off job?