1991 Land Cruiser....220k miles, $5600.....what am I missing?

So, I have been a Toyota fan and driver (2001 Tundra, nothing fancy, but love it) and the Land Cruiser bug is getting worse. Found this option online....thoughts? Since the details are lean, what would the long-time LC experts be asking? I want a reliable, simple overlander that will eventually have a RTT for my son and I to camp in as we continue to explore everything our home state of Montana can offer.
This is the Transition Year of the First Series of the 80, It has a 3FE and different Auto Transmission, than the 62 series. It is seriously under powered. If you're want a Builder, you could put a 350 V8 or Cummins Turbo Diesel into it. We have 300K on our 88 62 sereies.
For the price, I'd look for a 93-97 FZJ or 95-97 LX450. The best of these years is debatable, but the improvements over the 91/92 are worth having, to include the 4.5L, 212hp engine, which is still considered underpowered, but isn't as weak as the 3FE, rear free floating axle, possible factory lockers, disc brakes on all four corners. The 95+ models had refined dash, OBDII, 2nd start button which allows the trans to start in 2nd vs 1st. The 1st gear is tall in these, so was a comfort feature.