1991 Land Rover Santana 109

Yup, I am dealing with the California registration nightmare and was denied at the DMV. Should have stuck to my original plan of importing it and titling out of state and then bringing the clear title to CA. During shipping to CA, my contact no longer does DMV registration and I was denied trying to do it myself. Regrouping now to figure out the next steps. Yes, I have read the threads on defendersource...the kicker is that the measly engine in the truck will be replaced as soon as possible with either newer diesel, LS, or Rover petrol engine so there is no way I will pay money to CARB.
Yeah, in Cali you are screwed if the VIN has been denied unless they gave you a "fix it" criteria. Best bet is create a residency cross border state and then you can drive it in SoCal anytime you want legally with an out of state registration, title, and VIN. Key word is legally as Cali is not too proud to impound and destroy any CARB violators!

Or, you can sell your lovely Defender to me in Hawaii.... :wings::smiley_drive:
Thanks for the offer. I have temporary registration now, but it might still get kicked back. I therefore can't move forward on engine swaps until it gets sorted. At least I have two other capable rovers to keep hitting trails.
Spike, I'll be going through the same registration nightmare here soon as well. Any advice for me? What DMV did you go to?
Where are you finding the info on these Santanas? I bought a 1991 Santana 110. Still trying to figure out what frame, and axles I have. I can’t find the correct fuel tank, as mine had a few leaks. I want to do a LS swap as well, but need more info before I can send it off.

My tip for registration in Cali is to go through a brick and mortar insurance company near the DMV like AAA. They can usually get you registered, and you don’t have to wait in the long DMV lines.