1992 E350 7.3idi Ambulance full build

I'll be going with 33s and the front suspension you listed. My rear leafs are completely flat so I'll need to research an figure out what is needed in the rear.


Tried to send these to you in a PM, but you can't actually upload pics in PMs

The rears are Duratracs in a 215/85R16, That's a 30 Inch tire, as are the 245/75s you currently have. If you want to go up to a 33, I think you're going to have to go with some real pizza cutters to fit on the rear duallies...

The Duratrac doesn't come in a 255/85R16 Which would be about the biggest I think you could fit on the dually rims.. The BFG KO2 Does... Which was on your short list...

The Closest the Duratrac comes in current sizes I could find is a 235/85R16, which is a 32" tire, and a good size I think.

Change of direction. Staying stock ride height and close to stock tire size.

I looked through the ambulance FAQ thread but didn't find what I was looking for. What are the options for staying stock ride height for suspension? My leafs are flat and front shocks shot. I'll look through rockauto tomorrow but can anyone give thier input to good sources for stock height suspension?
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I'd highly recommend Moog 880s front coils. They'll lift it a small amount over decent springs (perhaps 1").

Rears, I'd source locally... or Alcan. Deavers if you've got money to burn.

Stock springs will be flat... even when new.

Bought some vinyl from Joann's fabric. Relocated my external pa controls and found good spot to mount backup camera screen. Picked up backup camera from amazon $29 1200 reviews. Also bought set of folding ladder steps.