1992 f150 daily driver and adventure rig.

As far as the alternator pulley relating to the belt size, I totally agree. If I had to do it all over again I would have just tried several belts in the parts store lot.
Back to gearing, I don't plan to run anything but 33x10.50's. I like the size and ground clearance is adequate. I'm not thrilled with the lack of options. 35's are overkill for what I want this truck to do, and I have no desire to run them.
Yes, I misread on the 35s, my bad. Well with the 33s you'll be up there on the RPMs, probably around 2300 or so at 60-65. IF you don't drive interestate speeds every day, or you don't mind staying in the slow lane, that may not be a big deal at all. Our dually can outrun its speedometer no problem, but holy cow fuel consumption, so we hang with the 18-wheelers in the right lane and have more fuel/money to play with when we get where we're going.

Tires, have you considered switching your wheels to 16s? That would give you access to the immenesely popular 285/75-16 size, which is around 33" tall and can be had in just about any brand or model tire you like. Bit wider than what you're looking for tho...
The way its geared now, I'm around 2000rpm at 60-65mph. I'm not too worried about an extra 300rpm at those speeds. I really don't travel much on the highway anyway but I'm not against running 75 or 80. No tach, no problems! These motors will run all day at 3000rpm for many years so I'm not very worried about blowing it up.

I've considered 16's or 17's but I can't justify the cost of swapping wheels. You're right, there is a big selection in 285/75/16, however not much that's not E rated and only a few D rated tires. Both of which I feel like will be too heavy for my sub 5000lb truck. For now at least I think I'll stick to the 15's. I will be needing tires at the very least by fall. I'm interested in the new Dick cepek extreme country as an alternative to the Bfg's. Started a thread on that in the general vehicle section.
To update:
Ditched the airtube and all the associated parts. Truck still has an egr valve that seems to be functional, although I may try a restrictor plate. I used front wheel studs from my 1997 f350 and they worked perfectly. I ended up pulling the head and popping in a new head gasket while I was at it. Turns out that was my overheating issue. Truck runs great, I am really glad to have gotten rid of the smog stuff. If I ever need to pass emissions, all I need to do is install a modern cat converter.

Also, my camper shell was off the truck and fell victim to some high winds. Busted back glass and frame, and cracked the fiberglass in the corner around it. It's fixable, but honestly I am not sure how much I want to put into it. I have been looking for an ARE Dcu or similar contractor topper but they aren't easy to find for a 7ft bed. I found one steel topper but I think I'll hold out for aluminum. I may go down to the dealer in town and price a new one with the options I want although that totally blows my budget build out of the water.
I recently picked up a nearly identical truck and I've really liked watching what you've done with yours. I am very interested in swapping the gas tank for something larger too. Do you still have that link you mentioned that had some good info on how to go about performing the swap?

I recently picked up a nearly identical truck and I've really liked watching what you've done with yours. I am very interested in swapping the gas tank for something larger too. Do you still have that link you mentioned that had some good info on how to go about performing the swap?

Sorry to just get back to you, I have gotten away from this forum for a while.

I recently had to replace the fuel pump and I modified the hanger a bit differently this time.
I used some nickel/copper alloy brake line in 5/16" and 3/8" diameters and compression fittings. Then two small pieces of aluminum angle to extend where the module bolts to the hanger ( and the sending unit grounds to).
There's a really good youtube video I came across that can explain it all better than I. he gets into modifying the float for the sending unit, I left mine stock so my gauge just reads full the first half. Its been that way for two years and hasnt bothered me yet.

To update, I have been running the truck daily for a few years now and haven't done a whole lot, just maintenance. Replaced some gaskets, deleted the AIR setup after one of the tubes cracked, added a new cat, on a set of the new style bfg ko2's now, etc.
Planning on going to 3.55's by just buying a decent rear axle and front center chunk out of a parts truck, and the truck desperately needs a respray as the 26 year old paint is literally falling off. Found a zf5 for cheap that I might pick up for "one day" but the 4 speed is great for running around.
Just spent a fair bit of time re-reading your thread. Such a cool truck. While I still love my F-350 crew cabs- I long for the short bed, regular cab trucks. Mine are like school busses. I've been looking at 90's models F-150's like yours on CL for a couple months. I'm amazed at how many there are with the legendary 300 I-6. It's all I'd own in a half ton truck. I'd set one up much the same way you have done yours. You've done very well so far. Maybe some day I'll get me one. But I already have too many trucks. My wife will kill me if I come rollin' in with another!
Thanks! It's been a great truck thus far. The short wheelbase is easy to live with as a dd, I still wouldn't mind the extended cab version some days. Those cclb trucks are one of my favorite fords even if they are land yachts. Towing with that long wheelbase is so nice!
I feel like these older f150s are a great platform for a cheap rig. There are just so many out there and with diesels being all the rage now they're relatively inexpensive. That being said I'll bet a 4bt in one would be killer...
Put an order in for a True Trac, 3.55 r&p, and some new timken bearings and seals. Now I just gotta find someone to put the rear end together for me. I do just about all of my own wrenching but I've never set up a diff.

Also picked up some shackle tabs that I have yet to work into the front bumper and frame rails,I hope to get on that project soon as not having any sort of tie off point up front is a serious design flaw.

Lastly, popped some new moog radius arm bushings in, one side was toast. What a difference! The truck drives alot better and the steering and suspension is tighter than it has ever been in the few years I've owned it. Should've gotten around to that sooner...

Mulling around ideas for a rear bumper. I like the protofab and bronco air ones alot but I think I can come up with something more basic and inexpensive. I am wanting to keep it low profile to help with the departure angles, and integrate a 2" receiver in there, and thats basically it. My welding skills are not up to snuff and never were so I'll have to farm this one out as well.

Need to get some pics on here, I'm afraid I'm not much of a photog though. Been out and about hiking and exploring as much as the winter has allowed. Even took the better-half's XV crosstrek some places that would make most subie owners wince.
I got some shackle tabs off fleabay. 1x2x8". Ran some 1/2" holes thru them on the drill press, then made a template and transferred it to the frame.
Here is one side bolted in.

Now I just have to cut some holes in the bumper and slide it back on.

Also finished out the exhaust finally. I've had it with a new y pipe, modern catalytic converter, and muffler with a turndown for a while but there's a drone in the cab at certain rpms. I found a passenger side tailpipe for a dual kit that seems like a pretty good fit, even with the big fuel tank. I'll snap some pics later today.
If I was to have to do it all over again I would've just let a shop build it, or stuck with 2.25" as it wasn't all that easy to find the 2.5" tail pipe. That being said it sits up nice and tight to the truck and has a very quiet and mellow tone.
Nah, I traded some tires for an aluminum bumper that was made for a ford e-series. Wasn't even close to fitting how I wanted it so I sold it to a van owner.

I think at this point if I do go the winch route I'll just mount it behind a stock bumper, I like the clean, unassuming look.
I too like the look of a factory bumper. Where I'm living we have whitetail deer coming out our ears. If you don't have a stout bumper protecting your truck it WILL get crushed at some point. I've hit multiple deer in every vehicle I've owned.