1993 Fuso FG 4x4 for sale


I just picked this up. I had high hopes to build an offroad camper but the singlecab isn't big enough for the three of us and the dog also my wife wants AC.

It is a really rust free Fuso FG639 4WD that has been in western WA it's whole life from what I can tell. Tbe diesel motor starts right up and sounds great. It has a solid ladder or lumber rack. Has 4 high and 4 low.
*New BFG tires all around
*It has newer batteries
*Changed the oil and filter
*Fuel filter
*Tranny fluid
*Four large storage boxes
*External lights
*Block heater

It has some issues though. The tranny has issues downshifting due to possibly needing a new clutch or maybe the syncros need work?? Shifts fine when just sitting and idling. It is driveable the way it is if you know how to double clutch. It needs a few boards replaced on the bed. $8500 or best offer.



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Hey! Do you have the mileage on the diesel engine / vehicle? Also wondering if you have an idea of MPG?
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I'm not sure on the mpg. I would guess in the upper teens but it probably depends on the load. The guy I got it from said he was the third owner. The original owner was a framer, the second one had an excavating business and used it as a daily driver and didnt haul anything much with it. He had it for 15 years. Then the neighbor bought it and mainly had it parked for 5 years. It had a diesel tank between the That was the guy I bought it from.


Do you have an Idea of whether it is a normally aspirated or turbo diesel? Generally the turbo models get 13 mpg. Not sure about N/A though.


Allan - I know you are really, really good at squeezing Datsuns in your garage but I just don't think another Fuso would fit. You could prove me wrong...



I wish this was on the east coast.

How many miles does it have? Are you sure that it doesn't have AC?
Can you send me some pictures of the Frame?