1995 4x4 Chevy Tiger in CO for $18,500


Not sure if it's a scam, but Seller responded to one of my messages, said has around 100k miles. I didn't pursue it further though


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Anyone local got time to go check this out? Let me know, I don't have problem paying for your time. I did call and talk to the seller, he did not have much information or history on the truck. Said it belonged to his grandparents and was selling for them.


Make sure to check the side seams under the exterior trim. The aluminum side panels are butted up to each other and held in place by the trim molding. Water will get in and rot the inner wall struts and floor. Good luck!

Also, the truck interior (dash, steering wheel, seats) are 1993/1994, they changed over to the more rounded dash in 1995. While the early to mid 90's k2500 trucks were technically a light duty 3/4 ton and came with the six lug axle and 4l60e transmission versus the eight lug axles and the 4l80e transmission. I have both trucks and haven't had a any unusual problems with either axle or trans. Now, the truck maybe a late 94, but the camper may have been built in early 95, so technically a 1995 camper.
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Are all these vehicle only built on 3/4 ton chasis?
In the 90s vintage trucks yes. Not to say that a particular owner didn't spec a truck with a 1 ton SRW or DRW. But, most were 3/4 ton.
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I have a 93 GMC 2500 with the 6.5 diesel. It is heavy duty with the eight lug rear and full floating axle. They were available in 93.
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