1995 Cargo E350. Can I use newer door panels?

Just about to go hunt for some more window trim for the back, but how about up front? Are all the mounting locations the same for newer years? Some door pockets and storage would be nice. I have manual windows and would like to keep them that way. Maybe I’ll have some figuring out to do.

How about the doghouse console? Are the doghouses the same through the years? I’d love to find something besides my little trash slot it came with. I chatted with Corneilius about it but can’t recall what year his mark iii is.

Thanks all


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I’d also like to know what years will interchange, I’ve got a 12/96, and I’ve seen posts about newer doghouses and door panels. Seats would also be the next question,


I think all the interior panels are interchangeable from 1992 to 2014. The manual windows may not work on the 2009 forward, I do not think those panels will work with the window crank.
I put the front seats and captain chairs from my 2000 Chateau to my 2010. The connector for the electric driver seat was different so I had to cut and crimp it. Seat belt buckles were different. I am pretty sure the holes for all seat brackets are in the same places.
Dog houses I think are the same and the center consoles are interchangeable, at least from 1998 (?) forward. I think the 92 to 96 had a hump in the floor and the dog house arched over it.