1996 FG 639 dual cab tidy up

canter tourer

Been a while since i updated this, have built a rear wheel carrier and turboed it in preparation for a trip to lightning ridge in 2 weeks.
The rear wheel carrier is originally off a 80's MQ patrol and with a little cutting, stretching and modification now fits nicely on the truck, will be nice not having to pull the spare in and out each night.


Just read your whole thread! Great build and I'm impressed at how quickly you managed to get everything together in the beginning. I enjoy seeing a Canter coming in under 4500kg too (y) Did you fit the turbo yourself?

canter tourer

Been doing a little bit of maintenance on the old girl, I've had oil leaks for ages and finally decided to chase them down.

First one fixed was the 2 x 'o' rings behind the vacuum pump, i thought it was a sump or front main seal leak, but these little suckers were the culprit. Heaps easier to replace than the front main or resealing the sump.

That said, the sump has been leaking from the rear and it was a toss up if it could be the rear main seal instead. I figured the sumps easier to start with and so far after removing and resealing it with Loctite grey maxx she's all good.

Next was the front seal on the transfer case behind the drive shaft. There was a but of wear on the drive flange, but a 52mm speedi sleeve has fixed that and no more leaks.

Happy trucking again and no more oil smears on my gut when i crawl underneath it anymore :)



canter tourer

Been another long stretch without updates.
We recently spent 6wks away in NSW and QLD, a total of 8350kilometees and average of 18.08 litres /100k fuel use.

But before the trip typically I had a few things to do on the old bus....

I decided to change out the front and rear diffs for a pair from a later fg649. These have the 5.17 ratio, so slightly better rpms on the highway run. This was a but of a mission to do on my own in the shed, but got there eventually. Also installed a spacer in the front driveshaft as the spline length was borderline with the suspension lift, much better now. To fit the diffs, I needed to use the later rear tailshaft as well, as the original was too short. Turns out the later diff has a much larger centre, but a shorter snout, the joys if mix and match.

That done, I noticed i had a small leak from the sump again, luckily it only needed a degrease and a little bit if sealant work had fixed it up successfully.


canter tourer

Then the big mission, with the girls getting bigger they no longer all fit in the bunks, so I finally cut a hole in the roof and popped it up. Best move ever, now one of them sleeps up top, the head room is awesome and the wife is happier, so wins all round.

On the trip, the truck performed faultlessly again, it has been so reliable and easy to fix any little issues that may pop up on the road.

Ever since I turboed it, it has always had the issue that it seemed to hit a wall from 3000rpm onward. When I fitted the 3 inch exhaust it made a difference to the top end, but it still had a wall where it dropped off boost and power. I assumed wrongly that it was maybe a lack of fuel being the cause, but a mate reckoned it was probably the wastegate opening. Well when I got home I ordered a 2 bar spring for the wastegate and changed it out. This has immediately improved the issue and it seems it was the issue all along.

Now it'll pull to redline, with boost bleeding off slowly the closer to it gets to 3500rpm, holding more boost into the top end and bleeding down from 15psi, but it no longer feels like its hit a wall, holds boost longer and seems to get there quicker. It may just be a mental thing, but it certainly drives better too. It could still hold boost better and I may try a 2.5bar spring, but for now it's doing the job.

Next thing to do is put another bunk in the roof, and and keep fiddling with the interior set-up on the body, it's a constant evolution but that's half the fun.


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