1996 Land Rover Disco with om617.952 Mercedes Diesel Engine $7000


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Hey all,

So due to some unfortunate circumstances I am selling my 1996 Land Rover Discovery. After purchasing this rig in October 2017 and driving it from Georgia to S. California, I planned on dumping money in to it and getting it to exactly where I wanted it for an adventure / overland setup. The previous owner did all the work and rebuilt it from the ground up. He installed a 1983 Mercedes Diesel OM617.952 engine in it and has done a lot of other work. (I am attaching the original build log he gave me below.) Please see the below build log for details on everything that was done. Approximately 130k miles on the engine. I will be moving to the Carson City, NV area in the coming months and can meet anyone between Joshua Tree, CA and Carson City, NV to make the sale. Please text or call me for more details. Cell: 425-327-5382

$6000 or best offer for local pick up (Joshua Tree California area)

Mercedes OM 617. 952 ( Diesel)
Transmission - R380 V8 Gas

Discovery Land rover

Obtained engine form a 300D with 125K miles on the engine. EGR has been removed and pump Fuel has been turned up to max of safe manifold pressure.

Engine Mounts:
The engine mounts are standard OEM land rover and rest on the custom mounts that were fabricated and welded on the frame of the land rover. They have been bed coated top and bottom for rust protection.

Oil Pan
The oil pan has been modified to clear the axle in the front. It is stock oil pan from ECS tuning for $22 and welded with a 18 ga sheet metal.

Machined the adapter out of 7071 Aluminum on the mill to hole tolerance of 0.05 mm to dowel holes for adapter. The center of the OM617 was used a reference. The thickness of the adapter is based on the same distance as the V8 OEM engine.

Clutch Fly wheel:
Clutch is original V8 design. The holes to mate the flywheel to the crank shaft have been drilled out in the fly wheel . It uses 12 OEM style M10x1 that hole the fly wheel to the crank - they are installed with blue Loctite.

Pilot bearing retainer
The pilot bearing retainer is made of D2 tool steel and is also the close tolerance fit in the OM617 pilot bearing hole. This has the OEM land rover bearing fitted in to keep all the R380 transmission stock from a V8 gas engine.

The transmission is stock and no modifications have been made it should not need any work as it was serviced and front oil seal changed with new Synchromesh fluid. Everything behind the fly wheel of the engine is stock Land rover .

Alternator is a stock Landover Discovery high out put version and is wired in to support two batteries. Hard copper cable is used and can be replace with factory soft multi strand cable if needed. The mounting bracket has been modified to accept the OEM land rover Alternator.

The starter is stock OM617 starter that mates to the teeth on the flywheel gear. The back plate is 4mm thick SS and is held by M6 socket head screws. If the starter ever needs to be replaced then the new starter will need the two front mounting holes to be drilled out dia 12.2mm as the mounting bolts go in from reverse of the LR and thus make the starter filed replaceable without any problems. The rear 4mm retainer back plate must be INSTALLED.

Power steering pump
The power steering pump uses the hose from the Land rover inlet and outlet but the ports to connect to the power pump are from the Mercedes 300D om617.

Oil Cooler
Oil cooler is stock OM617 but is mounted in the front under the radiator. It uses two SS clamps each on the entire length of the assembly to the engine. The hose is NAPA poly high strength hose with original OM617 ends. the fact the oil cooler sits below the oil pan allows for the correct volume of oil that was lost due to oil pan modification, based on calculations. However oil level and oil pressure must be always checked at every 1000 miles. The oil pressure gauge is on the tri gauge set up and normal engine idle running at 100 deg temp should be at 25 psi at 50-60 mph it should be at 60psi. Winter and cold weather it may be 3-4 psi higher. Always use Shell Rotella full synthetic with 1 can of STP every 10K oil change.

Glow plug Heater
Glow plug relay is original OM617 and is wired for the plugs to heat up until the light goes off. The wire to the sensor that indicates that the engine is hot and thus shorten the glow plug times is not connected. The direct power to the Glow plug relay is coming from the main battery and there is relay that turns the power for the glow plug start thru the separate relay under the driver foot well panel.

Dual Battery backup
The Napa battery is the back up battery and if the power in the primary battery declines or in an emergency situation the second battery can be turned on thru a relay switch in the console. The one that has a bulb in it indicates that the dual switch is on. the charging of the second battery is automatic and the Alternator sends power to the overdrive unit to charge the batteries accordingly.

Front uses Terra firma and rear are OEM with 2" lift blocks- Front shocks are new. An upgrade to new rear Terra Firma and removal of the lift blocks will make the truck stable at high speeds but bumpy for city driving.

All axles drained and filled with new synthetic 80 wt. oil. No leaks and grease nipple to left front was blocked and a new one may be needed. But can be removed with a 8mm wrench and grease filled easily.

Ball joints and Tie rod ends
All new and have been replaced. Including the rear one on the axle to body.
4WD high and low

Thanks all,


Call or Text at 425 327 5382


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Interesting build. Besides being cool, what's the reason for the 'benz motor in a 'disco? Reliability, increased mpg, etc.? I'm more familiar with people putting them in Toyotas. Is the OM617 comparable to LR diesels that weren't available here?


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OM617 is vastly more reliable and easier to maintain than anything that ever rolled out of a Rover Group factory... not particularly quick, however


Or one can just look at same year/generation G wagons :) yes a bit more money but you'll get 100% authentic mercedes front and rear lockers, transmission, motor etc.


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Is this still available?
Yes it is still available. Quick update. I rebuilt the fuel injectors , redid all the fuel lines, changed the oil and all the filters and it has finally stopped smoking! Still has a little bit of smoke in the cold mornings from a cold start but no issues with it once it warms up. you can call or text me at 425-327-5382 for more details.


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Need this gone ASAP. PRICE DROP to $7000. Installed new LR fuel pump, smoke issue is fixed and have additional parts including the A/C unit and a new LR clutch.


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I'm guessing that will be a tough one to get the CA smog referee to approve. Too bad, I think that's a great combo and I'd buy it from you in a second if I thought I could register it. Anyone in a smog exempt part of NV want to let me use their address? :p


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I'm guessing that will be a tough one to get the CA smog referee to approve. Too bad, I think that's a great combo and I'd buy it from you in a second if I thought I could register it. Anyone in a smog exempt part of NV want to let me use their address? :p
Ha I’ll let you use my new NV address! Honestly don’t know on the CA process, I am active duty so get to register it in my home of record (WA). What I can say is the title has it as a diesel, not a conversion or as gas, if that helps the CA issue