1996 Lexus LX450, FJ 80, 101,600 miles, OME lift, Super Clean


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1996 Lexus LX450, FJ 80 101600 miles, OME lift, Super Clean

This 1996 Lexus LX450 spent most of its’ life in Hawaii where it never saw salted roads and only had ~100,00 miles. I wanted to start with a low miles and very clean vehicle. The undercarriage cleanliness is unusual for one of these. It was brought to Utah to prepare to be an over-lander with an emphasis on long-range reliability to confidently travel to as far as Northern Alaska or Southern Chile. I approached the vehicle with the mentality to replace anything was needed to be done now or might be needed on a long trip. Therefore, there are some things are new that didn’t need to be replaced just yet.

Asking $34,500 which is well less than I have in it.

I did nearly everything mechanical through Metric Motor and State Automotive, a Toyota Land Cruiser specialist that came highly recommend by the local land cruiser community. Below is a list of what has been done to the vehicle.
Steering and suspension:
New Old Man Emu 2.5 Lift
New Suspension Bushings
New BF Goodrich KO Tires. 285 75 R16
New steering Toyota knuckles with Koyo wheel Bearings
New rebuilt steering gear box.

New radiator and hoses
New heater hose
New fan, alternator, and AC belts
New oil pan gasket
Complete tune-up
New “Center Dif Lock” switch to allow high range center lock
New battery
Complete fluids flush and replacement - transmission, transfer Case, front and rear differentials, cooling system, power steering and brakes.

New Leather front seats
New front seat heaters
New Sony Radio with hands free Bluetooth and satellite - still have original Lexus radio
Complete new performance speaker set
New Lexus OEM driver seat cushions. I got the last cushions in Lexus inventory.
Door arm cushions leather replaced
Center arm rest leather replaced
Steering wheel recovered with a new leather than is better than factory. They were removed and sent to a refurbisher in Texas and restored.
Gear shift handle leather was also done by the same refurbisher.
New power antenna
New keyless entry system with 3 remotes
Remote start
New window tint
New driver door lock core

On the body – I went ahead and re-sprayed with factory color, which was done by Legend 4x4 - which specializes in 4X4 restorations. While it didn’t have any body damage it had a lot of scuffs around it. This was a fully stripped - windows and trim removed before spray. Only the body color was sprayed. The black sections were not sprayed.

Overall - It has a clean title and a clean Car Fax, which I can provide. It is titled and registered in Utah and has been garage kept since I have owned it.

What is not perfect:
The 2nd and 3rd row of seats are good shape and were not redone. So they are not new. There is a stain on the rear cargo carpet that can be seen. Not immediately obvious, but it can be seen. There are a couple of paint chips from rocks, a small scratch on left rear bumper that have happened since the re-spray. The c pillar was not painted and there is a scratch in the black.

Otherwise it is pretty fantastic.

If you want to see more picture, please send me a message and I will send you a link to additional images.



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Hi, yes, sorry went to Yellowstone and have been out of coverage. Will get some post when I’m back later this evening.


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Better get in line at BaT. Seems to be the only place that will get you close to your asking.

great truck, I’ve been trying to find a clean one for a while.


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Better get in line at BaT. Seems to be the only place that will get you close to your asking.

great truck, I’ve been trying to find a clean one for a while.
It may end up on BaT. The last one to sell on BAT went for 33K plus buyer's premium. It had lower miles but had mention of a roll over, didn't have anything significant being called out as recently replaced and didn't have brand new OME lift or Goodyear KO2 tires. Also, if anyone buys it on BaT they have to pay a 5% buyers premium. Im trying to offer it in other places for a while so that if there is someone looking for something like this, they don't have any other fees to pay. I would add that searched a long time, for these as well and there is no way to get one to this level for less that what I am asking. Certainly you can find good clean ones, but by the time you had done all of the things that will inevitably need to be done it rapidly add up - unless you can do it yourself. I have way over what I am asking in it - bit embarrassing to say how much over, but my wife won't let me forget.


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Your rig is stunning. While you were gone I have been focusing on a truck/FWC combo. Now I'm really bewildered.


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Thank you. Both are compelling for different reasons. If there is anything I can answer for you, let me know. Ken

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