1998 Land Cruiser only 7069 miles whats the value of this vehicle if i sell it?


I'm really surprised there's not waaayy more skepticism with this low mileage Cruiser. The seller has likely had numerous inquiries and offers on it, just look at his previous thread, so why hasn't it sold??

Be careful on this one folks...a sale price is not even listed.


LOL. Nope, it's not really that hard put a price on it. You make one up, then you list it for that. If you want bids on it, take it to Ebay.


Difficult to put a price on the vehicle since i havent seen any ultra low mileage 100 series on the market with a price tag. I will post more photos

pricing will be subjective depending on the buyer.

I can ask what are offers for it
LOL...you're a twat.


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I been changing my mind whether to sell it. Ive been traveling alot and manage to take some photos after pulling it out of the garage.

The mileage is real i even posted the service invoice from the dealer themselves mileage is real. vehicle came in 1997 was one of the earliest ones in California

I believe this is the low mileage 98 model in the entire country


If you're not sure you want to sell it, then I would suggest changing the title of the thread.

"1998 Land Cruiser for sale 100 series V8 only 7069 miles" sure seems to imply that its well, for sale, but what do I know?

If you're just trying to get an idea for who's interested, or what its worth then your previous thread probably did that pretty well.


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How am I a bull**** artist? I asked for an offer and price is negotiable.

I have all documentation on the vehicle and mileage service record what else do you want?