1999 Toyota 4Runner w/ armor and ARB's front & rear

i'm in CA but seller said check engine light is on and 'it's been sitting for a while'. he's not really interested in finding out what the check light means, or doesn't want to disclose, and is 'going through a divorce'
You could replace the engine and have great off road thrasher vehicle. Front and rear lockers, front n rear arb bumpers, lift n air bags in rear, those tires.

Assuming something wrong with engine you could replace it and get another 200k fun miles. I am thinking for the back country adventures, camping trips, trips to the beach or river that leave the DD messy for a month.

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Shoot, after sorting the thing out, that could be a fine daily driver. It looks like its just dirty. Love the color keyed ARB bumper, and take off that hideous rood rack
Agree that rack is hideous.

Having owned this exact year in AZ I would not be too concerned about the check engine light. There is a ton of dust in AZ, which will typically clog the MAF sensor (especially if it has an intake). At this age - the O2 sensors down stream from the cats may need replacing, and at this mileage - there is a transfer case sensor (top of the T-case, not inside it) that often needs replacing.

All three of these will quickly trip the OBD, yet are easy/cheap fixes. I say this because I had to do all three on my 99 around 150K miles over the course of about 2-3 years. I'm not saying these sensors are what is wrong with this rig, just that these motors are typically bulletproof, and those three items are know to be a little sensitive at age/mileage.