19k miles with OME/ Dakar suspension for 2015 Frontier


Haha how many miles on em?
Coming up on 30k miles. Currently have 1.5" spacers on top of them as well which nets 2.5-3" of lift. Spring rate is 680lb but are in the medium duty version which means they are shorter (spring rate is the same between medium/HD but length changes). Been happy with them so far, just won't need them once I go titan swap. However, I'm not sure when this titan swap will be completed so if you needed them in a hurry it may be a bad option.
I'll be honest, I am going to be ditching my Radflos in order to go with OME HDs for the front and some spacers. The coilovers are great at speed over washboards, but they're noisy and pick up every bump in the road. Coilovers have their place, but I don't think my application is it.
This is getting kind of funny..... as I was wondering what wreckdiver was going to do with his Radflo's... Sell them to me? So I can have and additional pair of Radflo's for when one pair needs to be re-built....probably over kill.
I like my Radflo's...but I do a lot of preventive maintenance on mine (pain in the butt) , I pressure wash the Radflo's after off-roading and spray my heim joints periodically with Tri-Flow lubricant and every fall prior to salty winter roads here in Minnesota I coat them with LPS-3 Corrosion Inhibitor.
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So, 17k miles later -

- Suspension still trucking along
- Gifted the RTT to a friend whose use cases better suit it

- Installed a Frontrunner cargo tray in place of the tent. One of the best vehicle mods I've ever done; tons of easy to use cargo capacity in terms of volume.

Very convenient method of packing is to toss simple duffels inside dry bags and carabiner them to the rack. You can tuck them behind the cab for aerodynamics while leaving space to see out the rearview mirror. Works out really well in terms of weight distribution, since most of the stuff you want easy access to is light and fits up top while the heavy stuff you know you should bring (but rarely use) can stay secured in the bed.

- I feel the need to give a shout out to Safari Straps; I now have ~6 years of frequent use out of a set of their motorcycle tie-downs, including using them exposed to the elements for a month or two at a time. If you don't need the tightening ability of a ratchet strap, they're much more convenient to use. The cargo rack isn't very useful if you can't secure stuff to it.

- Replaced the OEM P-metric 265/75R16 Hankook RF10's at 52k miles. They still had a little life left in them, and if I was going with AT tires I'd buy another set in a heartbeat. Their main weakness was packed snow on inclines and deep, slushy snow, which was cramping my ability to get out locally to various places.

New tires: 235/85/16 E Dick Cepek Extreme Country. Narrower with pretty much the same diameter as stock and, only 4 lbs heavier per tire at 43 lbs. They've handled great in the recent PNW snowmageddon both on and off pavement. Grippy on cold packed snow, churns through fresh powder. Truck is 5250 lbs with daily driver stuff and myself, so I'm only running 38 psi front, 34 psi rear. On the quieter end of the noise scale for a mud tire with acceptable daily driver qualities. I generally don't like increasing the diameter of my tires, so these get me the capability I want out of the ground clearance I currently have.



Sweet lookin rig! I like the tire choice and good choice to swap out for a front runner rack. You ever thinking about drawers in the rear? Kind of like the decked cargo drawers?
I've considered it quite a bit; the main thing I don't like about the Decked system is that if I understand correctly, the drawers are only dust resistant, not dustproof.

I have a couple of Frontrunner load bar slats bolted down across the bed to give me more tie-down options. The OEM Utilitrack is dimensioned the same as common unistrut, and you can use unistrut fasteners and elevator bolts to secure stuff. (make sure you turn the unistrut nuts around so the teeth don't dig into the Utilitrack. I drilled 2 pairs of 2 holes in each slat and used stainless cap head machine screws and stainless washers going into unistrut nuts)

I lose an inch of vertical clearance between the bed and the bottom of the rack, but there is still *just* barely enough room to slide in one or two of 48x24x18" Hardigg cases over top of a wooden pallet-style platform I made (I stick other gear under that, like Hi-lifts, PVC pipes holding poles, Pelican 1700-ish cases, anything long). I do a fair amount of miles kicking up dust in Eastern WA and like to keep it out of my gear.

Some time this summer I'm probably going to drill up another slat or two and bolt them down. Makes it much easier to tie down fuel and water cans.

Edited to add:

Of note for Frontier Pro4x drivers in particular, rear axle seals gave out at about 45k or so. Nissan replaced both rear axleshafts (with associated seals and bearings) no questions asked. Process was painless enough that I'd forgotten about it. Diff breather mod was done when the truck was almost new; no concerns from the dealership about that or any of the suspension work.
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I can understand the dust issue! I'm not sure of a good way to keep that out of drawers so it sounds like your setup is maybe better for that problem. Where do you wheel in Eastern WA? I love that area, and typically am just east of the mountains when we go offroad.
I spend most of my time in Eastern WA just on the east side of the mountains as well - Cleman mountain, Wenas and LT Murry Wildlife areas, various points off of 97. I should really explore more NE of Ellensburg.

Favorite area in WA is still Fortune Creek trail, though. Haven't done Naches pass or the surrounding area yet; didn't have two vehicles adequate for it until recently.

OR has quite a few long stretches off pavement to explore as well - bushwacked down and back to see the eclipse a couple of years back.
I have your same set-up on a 11' Frontier Pro4X, except with HD leafs in the rear. My truck has around 800lb of armour and a fiberglass topper, 210lb rtt, fridge, ARB drawer, hilift, fridge, arkpak, etc..It is heavy!! Around 1,500lb total additional weight...The suspension has around 18k on it and the truck has 45k. So far holding up very well.
Pretty much same setup and same thought. My truck rides like a dream.