1st Gen 4runner Converted Wildernest Tent


Wildernest Adventure Camper converted in 2015 to fit my 1st generation 4runner by scabbing in stock 4runner top. Reinforced with angle iron and solid wood then fiberglass and epoxy resin finished with marine paint.

Tent is in great shape with only minor wear marks from closed position and a tiny patched screen spots.

Comes with original user manual, uplift poles, sleeve, interior fiberglass poles, interior clothing/bedding organizer, foam pad w/ velcro cover.

Structurally sound but developed stress cracks that allowed water entry at bottom mounting portion (wood swelled). It will require slight rework. Fortunately, the hard part of measuring and fitting together is completed.

Based on how unique this is I would prefer to keep it and do the rework myself but we bought a van and I can't dedicate the time to do it so I'd rather have the space and the money and allow someone else to enjoy it.

Original slider section, if desired.

Located in Santa Barbara, CA
Listed as $1600

PM me your number and I’ll reach out.



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If only there was a build thread... I'm in the process of hacking one of these up for a 1st gen myself and would definitely like to see exactly what was done to the cab-side mating surface of the 'nest/OEM topper piece in order to create clearance to fit so well in the rear without overhang.

Other than the one other guy on here, this is the only example of a finished product I've been able to find over the past 3 years of thinking about it. Any info, pics etc. would be infinitely helpful considering the lack of info anywhere on the web.

Good luck on the sale (if it isn't already gone), looks great. If I wasn't on the other side of the country halfway through my own build I'd probably come check it out!
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I had a buyer right away, he gave me a deposit and everything, but backed out today because he just has too much going on (moving).

That said, it’s still for sale!

I’ll dig up some build pics.


Here is what it looks like today. Note the cracks temporarily sealed with some UV resistant silicone