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I made a wonderful mistake at roughly 2130 last night.

I stumbled on your modern farm truck build...which then led me to your cj5 build, which led me to this build, then to the 40 and 74 builds and now its 4 hours later and my wife asks why I won't go to sleep.

Your work is amazing. Every build has been unique and top notch. Mild and wild. Please keep sharing your builds with us!
That's quite a compliment. Thank you!

I do have updates. Haven't been working on the '83, but I have been gathering parts for the new front axle and suspension. Hopefully by the beginning of March I will have enough time and parts to build my new Diamond axle and three link for the front. After that, it's just a short list to completion.

New parts include:
-Custom Diamond Axle housing, +3", diff offset to passenger side by 1"
-RCV Birfs
-Custom inner shafts
-2 new RD132 ARB's, one for the front and one for the rear
-High Pinion donor front diff
-V6 donor rear diff
-new 5.29 gears for both
-misc joints and steel for the 3 link
-2 new remote reservoir Fox coilovers
I sent an email to my Fox dealer today to price some shocks for another customer's job, and while I was at it, I had him quote me for a pair of 2.5" remote res coilovers for the front of my '83. I know I probably won't ever need the 2.5" performance...will I? Anyone here have 2.5"s on their truck?

The idea behind this build is that it would be a good KOH chase truck, so desert performance could be a factor.
have Walker Evan's 2.5 Remote Res C/o's on mine. Since it's the only set I've ever had, I can't give any accurate comment on "need" or not. I do like that they are highly adjustable.
I talked with a couple guys yesterday, both of them race some form of desert or offroad. Both of them told me that if driving in the whoops over 20 mph, the 2.0's will fade after about 10 miles.

If the 2.5's have enough clearance (coil clearance) I will run those.

Adjustable? Externally?
I need to take a pic of the pile of parts so you guys will believe me.

No work has been done on it, but hopefully I'll have it completely ready and done for KOH 2017. I'd love to use it as a chase truck before I sell it.
After a year of sitting around the shop, I finally decided I need to get back on this. As a testament to the venerability of Toyotas, after sitting for a year, I flipped the battery switch and it fired up in three cranks.

I've got a couple jobs to do before I can get back on it (one FJ62 LS swap and finish my CJ5) and then the pickup is back in line.

Check back in about a month for some updates.
Wow so much awesome in one build , your attention to detail is amazing . Have a soft spot for first gens ,had a 80 longed that took me all over the pnw and as my first Toyota taught me a lot. Can't wait to see where this build goes .