1st gen taco habitat build


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2003 Tacoma
V6 auto
J shift transfer case
Rear locker
Purchased May 2016 with 87,000 miles/ currently at 136,000 miles

Purchased the truck to be a fishing-hunting-exploring-camping-family fun wagon.

Stage 1:
AT habitat with maxtrax pins and two goose gear folding removeable sleeping platforms

Stage 2:
Icon stage 4 Cooper ST/Maxx 255/85R16 FN wheels counter steer x

Stage 3:
Relentless fabrication front and rear bumpers, full skid plates and sliders, and warn M8000s (ETA should ship next week!!!!)

This forum has been a great resource, I can't thank the collective knowledge enough!


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I am digging the build... I've got an '04 double cab (same tires)

Been thinking very hard on a Habitat for me and the family (and dog)

Please post up as many pictures as you want lol! I'm dying to see as many as I can to drool over and imagine my truck has one

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Yeah, upgraded HD front springs from Icon and HD rear springs from OME. The OME springs in the rear come in an 'A' and 'B' configuration for Tacomas where the 'A' spring is slightly higher rating than the 'B' spring to counteract the driver side weight of the fuel tank. The shop that installed the springs put them on in the opposite configuration, so it has a heavy drivers side lean currently. Getting that remedied next week.

That said, I'm still not sure the OME springs are enough. With sag, bumpers, hilift jack, fuel cans, and some storage, I can see the springs needing an upgrade. My shop is recommending airbags, but the guys at AT said Alcan is a good bet for custom springs.


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@shark31 I would recommend installing one more OME add a leaf and timbren bump stomps. I have a good amount of weight in the back of my Tacoma and this combination is working quite well for me.


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Do you have the add-a-leaf in the pack already?
I have the OME leafs with the extra leaf in. It seems ok with a pretty full loadout and my current camper shell...but I don't have a rear bumper or my fuel skid on yet.
Was looking at the All-pro expo leafs once I get more weight back there.
I have tall bumps from Sonoran Steel but have not put them in yet.
Trying to keep from having to do airbags myself
Keep us posted on how yours does.

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Nice truck...but I might be biased because my 03 DC is red too. LOL. I have the AP expedition springs as well as Timbrens and we have a Flippac on the back. I have been pleased with this setup. It holds the weight of the loaded and unloaded very well. Doesn't look jacked up without gear and doesn't squat when everything is in the back.


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The OME springs already have an AAL. I haven't reinforced the frame yet, the new spring got rid of all axle wrap, so I'm not sure if I'll ever reinforce the frame.

I don't plan on painting it. For the interior, first step is to lineX the bed and install Etrack along the bed rail and in between the corrugations on the bottom. Once this is done I think I'm going to have Highway Products produce a module that bolts into the Etrack on the passenger side that holds a 62l national luna fridge on a slide, group 31 battery, water tank, propane water and space heater. The rest of the kitchen and camp gear will likely go into aluboxs so they can be transferred to my boat for camping on the river.

I'd like to still be able to put a whitetail in the bed, so having removable modules, 100% welded aluminum construction, and a weatherproof toolbox configuration gives me the ability to wash out the bed a lot easier.


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So I put a set of pro comp add a leafs to the OME packs when I swapped left and right, and I gained around 2" over factory stock, right where I want it to be. It's still not 100% level left to right, but the lean is unnoticeable compared to before.

Next tuesday, winch, bumpers, and skids!!