1st thought wheel bearing, then tie rod, now wheel bearing?

I had a rhythmic rumble on our 06' OR 6spd. Started noticing some tire wear as well, especially after our trip to the Ouray/Telluride area(imogene pass rulz). I originally thought it was a wheel bearing as I have dealt with that same sound on many cars.

I had no play at the wheel when tugged on at 6 and 12o'clock. I did have significant play when i moved the wheel at 3 and 9o'clock, which led me to think it was a tie rod. I actually traced the click to the inner tie rod. I disconnected the tie rod from the spindle and yanked on it and pushed in. There was my play....

I replaced both the inner and outer tie rods today. Even during the replacement I still thought the wheel bearing was bad, but had no movement in the hub when everything was stripped down. Maybe I'm not strong enough to make it move, lol.

Half way through reassembly, I knew it didn't completely fix my issue. When I got the wheel back on there was still some play at 3 and 9o'clock. It wasn't as bad though. I drove down around the block and it wasn't as bad, but still rumbling.

Should I just replace the WB? Could it be a bad axle? This is cross posted on newX forum as well.
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I just changed the hub assy on my frontier yesterday, it started as a growl. I originally thought it was just the tires wearing. Got the thing in the air and the passenger hub had very little play. I could barely feel it but it was there. And this thing was really making a loud wah wah growling sound by the time I got to fix it. Swapped it out. Rides good as new.
They are worn. Previous owner kept too low of tire pressure. He was at 31psi for over 2 years. I plan on new bfg's this summer.

I did replace the WB a few days ago and it did nothing for the rhythmic rumble/hum. I feel the sound under the floorboard just beneath my left foot. It's right there! Could it be a worn drivers side CV or front driveshaft U joint? I don't feel anything in the steering wheel, no clicking sounds, doesn't change with tire rotation, and doesn't change with turning the wheel
Jack it up so the wheel spins freely and with the wheel still on, spin the wheel and put your free hand on the spring. If it is the wheel bearings or any other part of the rotating assembly then the spring will amplify the vibrations and you'll be able to feel it pretty clearly. Try this in 2 and 4 wheel drive while the transmission is in neutral too. To figure out what else in the driveline could be causing the hum, you'll need to get the truck set on stands and have a helper spin the wheel while you hold different parts near anything that rotates to try and diagnose where it's coming from. If you can't find any vibrations while it's in the air, it's more than likely the tires. You could try having your tires rebalanced. Could be that they are just out of balance or maybe they're simply worn out lol.

Hope that helps and good luck!