2 wheel overland noobie, research thoughts?


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I’m having trouble making up my mind and was hoping to bounce a few ideas off the community, I’ve been riding for several years but I’m looking at finally getting into an adventure bike!

I’m a big fan of more retro bikes but retro ADV options are fairly limited. The RE Himalayan would be a perfect fit for me except for the max cruising speed being lower than average highway traffic speeds in my area (you know what I’m talkin about Texas riders).

My priorities are highway cruising speed, total weight (below 500lbs preferred), seat height below 34” (I’m 5’6).

Currently exploring the RE Himalayan, Honda CB500X, BMW G 310GS, and the new Tenere 700 (when it releases in a few years) and I’m open to building a flat tracker style out of an old CB or Bonneville.

I guess what it comes down to is:
1) is the top speed of the RE going to drive me crazy?
2) is the Tenere 700 worth waiting for?
3) am I better off building from a smaller vintage bike to specs that I prefer?

Thanks for your thoughts


Maybe get off the interstates and go slower. I've done Chicago to the Smoky Mountains on a Kawasaki KE100 that runs about 50-55 mph on the flats and grinded up the long uphills on the Cherohala Skyway at 30 mph in 2nd gear.

Ed March has been all over on a Honda Cub/Passport/underbone thing.

Most important thing is to ride what you like and have knowledge to make trail repairs.


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DB, you are embarking on a quest i have recently been forced from(physically)

the place i found the greatest following was


the folks on that forum have answered the vast majority of the questions you are asking as well as those you haven't thunk up yet

your quest(s) have been accomplished on skoots as minimalistic as the venerable Honda Trail 90 and the cult queen the Yamaha TW200 all the way up to the BMW GS bikes and i have had/ridden many of them over the years

i acquired my last ADV skoot after a six month search and a six hour each way drive to buy

the 1999 Suzuki DR-350

'99 dr350 rt side ll.jpg

single cylinder, air cooled, long travel suspension, low gear almost a "ponker" and high gear capable of US highway speeds though not real happy with long stretches of interstate

carefully outfitted w/ bags mounted on custom made racks and a big tank it was capable of meeting most of your quest elements

moved the tail light on top of the rear fender by simply buying/installing a later model DRZ-400 unit

longer DOG BONES in the suspension lowered it so i could flat foot w/ both feet and still not rub the tire on the fender

tail rack and side racks w/ tool tube


front rack for carrying FAK


in Big Bend semi loaded w/ FAK on front rack and tire kit on front fender w/ emergency food and water on tai rack

DR @ overlook.jpeg

on the Gulf Coast w/ weekend kit in a dry bag a Giant Loop over the seat and a water repellent tank bag

loaded tree fiddy on the beach.jpeg

knowing what i do now which includes having ridden on/with a wide range of riders n skoots i would stick w/ the 400cc range even though i tip the scales @ 275#±

it weighs in at a manageable weight

it wil pack enough for a reasonable ADV

it will run with the vast majority of serious ADVers (seen here w/ a Ural & Tenere on a weekend ADV ride down on the Guf Coast)

bob's, robert's & mine.jpeg

if you have any more questions please don't hesitate to ask



Have you looked into the Honda NX 250? They are bit rare but ahead of their time. Light weight and could do highway speeds.