2000-02 Ram 2500 cummins lift. for bigger tires


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Looking to fit a set of 37" swampers under my truck. Just wondering who of you out there are running 37" - 38". I don't want any rubbing or limit to the truck articulating. what type of lift do you have how high is it and what size tire can you fit. post pics if you have them cuz pics rock. thanks

blue dog

37's on a 2nd gen are a stretch. The tires will contact the control arms at lock and at bump will contact the lower 1/4 panel. This will happen with 1/2" over control arms. You can limit the contact by limiting lock to lock on the steering.
In my experience, 35's are perfect on a 2nd gen.

Here is a pic of a 2nd gen with 37's, note the 1/4 panel has been trimmed. It will still contact.


And full view


and 35's


Here is a pic with 35's, this is the way to go.

For suspension advise try Kevin at HRT, he is located in Black Diamond, Alberta.


Good luck.


Do you want a suspension system that you can USE? Or a Lift?

Carli, or Thuren for starters. I run 35s with mine. w/ my 3.55s its right about perfect. I drive my truck. But, 37s are doable. Longer control arms will help. there are other sources to look at how some have worked out the issue...


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No i don't want a pavement princess, I want a trail rig that i can still use for a truck to get wood in the fall and other tasks. not to sure ware time will take it maybe a service body and a popup camper.


Never been to Alberta... on that note....

Check with Carli and Thuren as I suggested. They are pricey, but, you DO get what you pay for. If you want something that will handle the fire roads, and the woods...

I pull plenty of logs with mine..... a hydraulic winch, and 35s.... All, I need. Good tires, good traction. Simple, and reliable are important.

Not telling you how to build your rig. Just saying... for the extra inch of ground clearance, I dont find it worth the hassle myself. The truck sits plenty high, but, that is just me....

GOOD springs, and GOOD shocks, will make a WORLD of difference in your rig.

Are you running 3.54s? or 4.10s?


blue dog

As stated before, if you want suspension you can use, and will improve your ride on and off road will cost you, Sure you can put some big lift on your truck and fit 37's but the problem lies with the fact that you have altered the factory geometry to the point that your rig will drive like an end dump.
Coils , springs and shocks, you get what you pay for. HRT in black diamond sells Carli and thuren i believe, Kevin is knowledgeable and more then willing to share information. He sets up trucks for all the oil patch guys.