2000 4runner Sport Build

Up to date details can be found at http://wwww.blankwhitepage.com/automotive/2000-toyota-4runner

After over 2 years of looking I finally purchased a 3rd gen 4runner to replace my 96 Jeep ZJ.

2000 4runner Sport
5 speed
84k miles
Black w/ gray interior

I really can't stand beige interiors so that ruled out "expedition white" as an exterior color, hopefully the black paint won't take too much of a beating.

The truck is in very good condition with just a few minor dings to the paint and a small split in the dashboard. It came with all of the owners manuals, floor mats, and the cargo cover in the rear. I had it checked out by the Toyota dealership and the only things they could find are that it needs new wiper blades and is slightly out of alignment.

- Matt
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It's good to see another 3rd gen 4Runner on the board!

Might I recommend a set of Husky liners to protect your carpet? I love mine, it's not uncommon for them to have standing water during the winter months!
Stock on the way back from Kirkwood.

SS 1.2 lift with stock tires. It's pretty tall at this point since I don't have sliders yet.

SS 1.2 with 265/75/16 Maxxis Bighorns



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Nice truck mate, I love the 3rd Gen's, 5spd + 3.4(???)... :drool: again, nice truck, can't wait to see the build.


The stock mudflaps keep a lot of crud off of the side in my Tacoma. I remember getting pissed at the running boards on my 4Runner every time it dirtied up my pants!
I got a great deal on a used ARB Prado bumper ($150) which solved the problem I was having deciding how to mount lights and better front tow points to the stock bumper. ARB never made an official bumper for the 3rd gen 4runner but both the Tacoma and the Prado bumpers fit. The Tacoma bumper is narrower (~68") and fits a little tighter, the Prado bumper is wider (~72") so that it protects the sport/limited flares better but has some gaps along the body line. These gaps are not a major issue and I'll be covering them with plastic panels at some point.

To install the bumper on a 1999+ 4runner you have to cut the ends off of the frame horns. I used a 4" grinder, but it would have been much easier with a reciprocating saw and a short blade. The ends can be welded back into place if I ever want to re-install the stock bumper. I ended up re-drilling the mounting holes to position the bumper as close to the body as possible and so that there is 1/2" of gap to allow the frame to flex.

There are a ton of pictures at the following link, here are some highlights:

Stock "big mouth" sport bumper.

Ends cut off of the frame horns.

Mounting brackets bolted to the frame.

ARB installed.

Here's the gap, it will be covered by a plastic sheet. The bumper wings extend a bit past the flares and I might trim them flush at some point.

Next up... rock sliders.

- Matt
I got sick of the gaps and covered them with some 1/16" styrene.

Laying out the template.

Here is the pattern I built.

Cutting styrene on the bandsaw.

The "boomerangs".

I attached the covers using 3mm metric hex-head hardware I have leftover from building an r/c car chassis.

- Matt
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Here's a more recent photo, still with the running boards on. I have my sliders in the garage ready for install, they should be ready for some trips we have coming up in July.

Nice and Clean. Sliders! :sombrero:
:) Sliders... and need to retrofit an e-locker... and then we'll see how I like the stock transfer case gearing on slow trails. I'm slowly building this up to replace a ZJ. The 4runner is MUCH nicer to drive around town, I've yet to get it on the trail.

- Matt
Last weekend I took the 4runner on its first outing and was very happy with the way it performed. I built a small plywood extension and slept in the back of the truck which worked out perfectly. The SS1.2 lift exceeded my expectations and provided a nice ride and good articulation on the trail, the only slight issue is that the rear springs are very soft so the back of the truck pogos a bit on obstacles. I've yet to determine how far off camber the truck can go, but I had it a bit over 25 degrees and it felt fairly stable. A huge bonus is that I no longer have a 33" tire in the trunk like I did with the ZJ so there is a lot more available storage space and none of the "hot tire" smell I used to have.

I'm definitely going to need some lower gears in the transfer case, on steep obstacles I was forced to use more gas that I would like to and I had to slip the clutch a bit. Marlin or Inchworm may be getting some business in the near future.

Overall I'm extremely happy with the 4runner and can't wait to get it back out on the trail. Sleeping in the back of the truck was much more convenient on a 1 night trip such as this and my prototype cardboard and mesh window screens worked well enough that I'm going to make a more permanent set out of luan.

Pictures are at the following link:


- Matt