2000 Chevy Sportsmobile RB? 4x4 Poptop - QUESTIONS - HELP

My new van did not come with ANY literature or manuals from the previous owner -- I have emailed SMB with the VIN, hoping they can help. Also, I'm looking for a little help in establishing a realistic (I know, vague) market value for my van as I am not familiar with SMB and their older builds... Your time on this thread is appreciated!

Hello everyone. I have spent the better part of the last 5 years with Chevy Astro AWD vans (which I still own, run and love). However, I am excited to announce I have JUST secured what seems to be my ultimate dream van :ylsmoke: Yes, I know a bit about vans/rigs but admittedly not too much about Sportsmobile, their older builds, new builds etc. I hadn't really considered a Sportsmobile (but of course always drooled and dreamed) as they were too far out of my budget. BUT it seems like all it took was a little time, the right vintage and a few miles to secure just that, a Sportsmobile :Wow1: My wife and border collie can't wait to get this on the road where it belongs!

2000 Chevy Express 3500 w/ 350 Vortec Gas - 155k miles

-Interior condition is fair, cabinetry and window drapes show about 50% wear. All appliances seem to work just fine
-Exterior is in great condition with the minor scuffs here and there. Seems very typical of 155k miles
-Mechanically sound. Only noted code was a mass airflow sensor that is likely being triggered from a broken airbox or simply dirty
-No doubt this van has seen some great adventures and it's ready for more!


-4x4 conversion
-Forced air furnace
-Secondary A/C and heat system (how do they work!?)
-Water holding tank
-Elec water pump
-Battery (under sink)
-Breaker box
-gray water tank for sink
-City water hookup
-RV style exterior plug for shore power
-Two swivel front captains chairs
-Rear single removable jump seat with belt
-Exterior propane tank

The only tagging/branding on this rig for SMB is on the secondary A/C and heat thermostat. My assumption is that it is in fact a SMB build. The 4x4 conversion however I am still trying to track down...

Anybody have an idea of the SMB plan for the 2000 era on this van? Resources for the appliances or even the literature this would have came with from SMB? Even though I do not have ANY plans to sell this van would anybody care to throw out a value with the above specs and pics- mostly so I can tell my wife to relax about the missing money in our account :coffeedrink:

Any additional thoughts, tricks, tips for this van, motor, chassis, poptop etc would be great!

Much much appreciated EP members- cheers!


-It should be noted that the person I purchased this van from was insistent it go to a home that would carry on a life of adventure, fun and share it with as many people as possible -- and it will my friend :)


MT, nice looking rig. Being 17 years old hits the value harder than the miles, things rust, wear out, break or come lose; electrical, sensors, ball joints, etc. A really good inspection would be needed to assign a value to your van.

Sounds like you're fishing to see if you got a good deal, the van is worth what you paid for it, that's the market value if the property was advertised for a reasonable period of time on the open market, if you and the seller dealt in good faith and there are no hidden defects that were not disclosed......other minor requirements to the definition, but the value you assigned to it is the only value that matters. So, what you paid was a good deal for any prudent buyer.

There is also an intrinsic and economic value that is based on the useful life remaining, the purpose and requirements being met, satisfaction of ownership, etc.

The only way you can establish a true market value is to sell the van under the conditions mentioned above, what someone will be willing to pay and actually convey title for that price.

BTW, if this had been purchased as a business asset, the book value would be what you paid for it, if someone tells you t's worth $5,000 more, that doesn't matter unless it is sold for more and your book/market value will then depreciate to its salvage value.

Bottom line, you got a great deal if you are happy with the price you paid and the van. Since you're not trying to sell it there is no real reason to speculate for any justification. Happy trails with that good looking van :)