2001 GMC 2500 HD Flatbed Camper Build

I recently bought a 2001 GMC 2500 HD crew cab long bed from Krazytoy on the for sale portal. Jason did a great job building it and installed a 2008 f350 dana 60 solid front axle and stuffed 37" tires without it being over 7' tall with 5.38 gears. The idea is to put a flatbed with storage on it and I have just bought a 4 Wheel Flatbed Grandby Camper to put on it. I am struggling to find aftermarket products for the truck as I think the manufacturers' are focusing on newer models.

Here is the stuff I am looking to do to the truck, so any ideas would be great. I am not above used parts if they are good.

Front bumper with winch. the only bumpers I am seeing are $1600-2600 - ouch!!
I am going with a 12k winch a used warn could be great if in great condition.
Firestone Ride Rite bags in back - not too expensive
Vlair constant duty air system 10007

I'd like to put a cam in for some torque the truck has the 6.0L V-8 gas motor. Taxes Speed has a good one it seems
Header? Ideas
Mufflers? Ideas

Other stuff I should be thinking about without going crazy??
Hello Hobbsrt
Bumpers are all over the place on price, search and be ready to jump when you find one. I think rule of thumb for winches is one and half times the vehicle weight, our f250 with Cougar (ATC's Grandby will get a min 15000 lb winch when it happens, most likely a Mile Marker. I bought a Viair constant duty really impressed for such a small package. Need a small air tank as it will not seat a motorcycle tire.
Forget the cam it will suck off road just trying to put along, if you don't plan on off-road go for it. Free'er flowing intake and exhaust never hurt. Watch the weight it adds up fast! Now get out there and camp in that new camper. ��



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Welcome to the site Hobb. I am looking forward to seeing pics of your rig. Sounds wicked with that dana 60 up front. You probably have to make some more postsd before you are allowed to post pics. Or you could go to...


and post your pics there. That way you can link and post directly to the thread.
I am looking forward to seeing and reading more about your rig. Cheers, Chilli..:)
So, I bought the camper. Four Wheel Camper Grandby Flatbed from Zach in Virginia. Its in great shape and Zach used it travelling the country for a year with his wife and 1 year old. Now to get my flatbed on my truck so I can pick it up. The flatbed and rest of the truck build should start in about a month. In the meantime, I am assembling parts and ideas. I have to give props to Anvil Custom and Rod in Pine CO - Chris Rose who is my builder. I don't have the space to work on this monster and his creativity, workmanship and equipment are much appreciated. Chris' experience in rock crawlers and hot rods should be the perfect combo. I'll do some of the work, but it will be the easy stuff by most standards.

I didn't know there was a # of posts required before posting pictures. Thanks for the headsup.
New parts

I ordered the air bags - Firestone Ride Rite and got the Air Lift compressor and equipment along with craddles. I also ordered the K&N cold air intake which is supposed to net me 20hp! we'll see. Last was the warn 12k winch which will be mounted upfront. I also got me a portable compressor to air up the tires. Both thebumper and flatbed build is scheduled for early March. After that we need to weigh it and work on sway bars along with some exhaust and a touch of engine work which I am thinking a torqey cam and tune with headers and exhaust. That's the scope for now.

I took off the 40's and put some 37's on because the 40's rubbed the frame when trying to turn fully. So if anyone needs a really nice set of ProComp Extreme 2MT's with about 3k on them, let me know.

Ill try and post some pictures of the rig and stuff soon.
So happy this truck didn't die. I had to talk myself out of driving north for it several times...

For Headers I'd use Texas Speed House Brand and Probably a large Dynomax if you don't like it super loud. I've used that combo on a few 5.3s, 6.0s, and a 6.2 with great results.

And finally I also have a crew cab long bed of this GM vintage so I'm looking forward to the flatbed and camper.
hey, thanks for the ideas on the headers and exhaust. i am pumped about the build and have been accumulating stuff for it. here are a few pics, nothing has changed from the build by Jason Ginn for about another month then the fun begins. IMG_6147.jpg IMG_6152.jpg IMG_5498.jpg


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Nice to see some pics of your great truck Hobbsrt! You can always look into BDS suspension kits to get a good idea on lifts at a reasonable price. They also have the best garantee in the industry. I use them on all my rigs. Keep us updated with pics and info on your build. Cheers, Chilli..:)
After I ad the air bags in the rear I think I am set on the suspension although the front is pretty tight.We will see after everything is mounted and weighed, I am going to add some sway bars. A few more pics.... IMG_6149.jpg IMG_6157.jpg IMG_6155.jpg IMG_6151.jpg
The bed has been removed. The cross member in the frame moved back 5" so I could fit a 37" tire underneath. The hitch was also moved back to make sure it has room. Air bags, 2 compressors and a tank are being installed. I am going to install a 17 gal fuel cell to transfer fuel to the main tank via electronic pump and also have an outlet so I can fill up atv's dirt bikes etc. No more hauling fuel! Ordered some Fox shocks for the rear and will put those on soon. The flatbed will be aluminum 2x6's and 1/8 thick for the bed itself. Here are some recent pics.



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So you removed all of the rivets, moved it back and welded the crossmember back in? I like it. I have a frame cut and am going to add some frame to the rear of mine and was trying to work out how to move the rear crossmember to accommodate a bigger spare tire.
Man I wish you would have let me know you were looking for rear shocks, I still have the ones that match the fronts.

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