2002 BMW R1150R

Great for on-road adventures (and maybe a little soft-roading with different tires). If admin feels it doesn't belong here, then delete.

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Price: $3900 (bike only) or $4300 (all luggage and accessories)

Mileage: 33,000 miles

Well-maintained and NEEDS NOTHING. It is great in the curves, great on the highway, great around town, and with different tires is even decent on dirt and gravel. Well maintained and comfortable enough to take anywhere the road takes you. It is a non-ABS model for simplicity, reliability, and ease of maintenance. There are some age-appropriate dings and scrapes including a small ding on the gas tank. With all extras, the bike is perfect for long range travel on twisty roads.

I just don't have the time to get out and ride, need the garage space and would rather someone enjoy it rather than have it sit and collect dust. It is truly ready to go; you can fly into RIC and ride home.

Bike features/upgrades (all included at lower price):
  • Garage stored its entire life. I am third owner and have owned it since 2008.
  • Full service done in September 2018 (by me)
  • Virginia State inspection good until September 2019.
  • Michelin Road Pilot 4 tires with less than 2000 miles on them
  • BMW OEM heated grips
  • Throttlemeister cruise control
  • BMW OEM toolkit with key additions to perform required maintenance
  • BMW OEM tire repair kit
  • BMW OEM "Fly" windscreen
  • BMW OEM luggage mounts/passenger grab rails
  • BMW OEM luggage rack
  • BMW OEM "Roadster Tall" (Rockster standard) seat (I am 5'10" and it fits me perfectly). Higher and lower seats available (not from me)
  • BMW R1150GS torque arm (shorter than stock for quicker turn in and slightly more ground clearance)
  • Stebel Nautilus air horn (with upgraded wiring and relay)
  • Upgraded headlight wiring with relays and 55/100W headlight
  • Upgraded all-metal fuel disconnects for convenience and reliability
  • External fuel filter for ease of maintenance
  • Stainless steel brake lines
  • K1200RS mirrors for wider rear view
  • Hella FF50 driving lights with custom mounts
  • BMW OEM auxiliary 12V outlet
  • SAE 2-pole 12V cable for tankbag power
  • Touratech tamper resistant oil fill cap
  • Miscellaneous maintenance items: oil filters, crush washers, etc.

For the higher price, I will include the following touring items:
  • BMW OEM R1150RT side cases key matched to the ignition and parts necessary to mount them (the 1150RT has a larger left side than the R1150R/GS luggage which has a cutout for the exhaust pipe). Note that mounting the RT bags requires removing the muffler, but the bike is not much louder without it and sounds a lot better. Exhaust tip for the end of the catalytic converter included.
  • BMW OEM tank bag with rain cover
  • BMW OEM Sport windscreen
  • BMW OEM Tall windscreen
  • Auxiliary 1L fuel tank (MSR fuel bottle) and mount (works with luggage mounted)
  • Custom extra-large flat rear rack, ideal for camping gear
  • RAM mount for clutch/brake cover
  • Custom compact 12V air compressor
  • Key on-road spare parts including fuel pump and oil sight glass
  • Nelson-Riggs travel cover








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Not bad. I'd plan on putting some money into it... It's a much better long-distance bike than the Honda.

It'd you're opposed to doing maintenance and wrenching get the Honda though. Japanese bikes you can pretty much just ride unless you're talking really big miles. I think BMW is designed more for maintainability than Honda though. Regular maintenance items are out in the open. Controls and things you use frequently tend to have a beefier feel than Japanese machines too.

Oilheads really is kind of a steal price wise right now.
Not bad. I'd plan on putting some money into it...
Not anytime soon for this one. It really is ready to go. I did all fluids and "tune up" last fall. Tires are in great shape. I've got some fluids and maintenance parts that go with the bike.

Oilheads really is kind of a steal price wise right now.
Agreed. I think the non-ABS R1150 models are the new airheads. But more reliable. Just as easy (if not easier) to work on.


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