2002 Custom Built 4x4 Expedition camper F550

It’s true. The lack of a back seat with the 150 gal water tank back there has been a problem for a couple of people. The other issue has been its just overkill for several folks that were very close to buying it for their intended usage. The downside is it’ll only transport two people. The upside is a 200 gal fuel capacity you can drive a long ways on the road of bones between fill ups. For its intended design perimeters there’s nothing that comes close in this price range. The guys from Earthcruiser came by my bike shop yesterday in a used Fuso Earthcruiser to discuss having a demo UBCO electric motorcycle at our shop and the used Earthcruiser they were driving was going for $300,000. Personally my first choice over Randy’s rig would be the Earthcruiser but for $235,000 less I could go a long way on a major overland expedition on the difference.
Hi. is the truck still in Oregon, I spoke with you last fall and it was allready in storage. Is it titled in the US yet? Will you be coming to Colorado with it, or nearby?
Thanks Gone
Bump for an interesting build. Agreed, lack of good pictures is a problem with the ad. Especially since everything is unique, it's hard to puzzle through what goes where and what the impression of quality is.

Is the water tank baffled?

What's the total weight sitting on those tires?

Are all the batteries and big inverter for being able to run A/C off battery?

Is there a water heater?
I'd rather have my dog with me than a 3 month supply of water. What would be involved to return the back seat area to functional area for my Rhodesian Ridgeback? Cool setup for sure with a lot of items on my list of wants.
Not having a toilet/shower inside makes this setup less desirable, not sure why you would then need 150gal of water. Otherwise its a cool setup.


Its a very specialized market for expedition vehicles. Avi myers just sold his unicat for $200,000 after being on the market for 2 years- which is an extremely good price. I think the issue here is not posing it anywhere else but expedition portal, and not adding pictures/more information. Out of all the members here on EP, I bet there aren't more than 500 of them willing to or can't afford to spend more than $25,000 on their overland rig. So that being said, some members have beautifully built and rightfully priced vehicles for sale- then you'll have the guys that say its not because it hast sold quickly.. Remember is not a sprinter van ;)
I will try and get a video posted.
The 150 water tank and 200 gal fuel capacity was installed because it was designed to go around the world across places like Mongolia where reliable fuel is scarce.
Dry weight is 16,000 pounds.
The top of the water tank where the rear seats would be currently has shelving there but what I would do is remove those and install a foam padded/upholstered bed top for dogs to travel there or as a bed for quick access when traveling where raising the Alaskan isn’t needed or practical.
In terms of quality, Randy spared no expense on the build and it shows. A lot of thought, money and expertise went into its design. It’s in a secure storage facility in Bend if anyone wants to inspect and test drive it.
It has also been consistently posted on Craigslist on the west coast cities and at the Northwest Overlanding forum.
I’ve had several inquiries over the last 8 months and four individuals come to see it but the usual thing is it’s overkill for most folks needs. It’s really best suited for someone not intending weekend trips but an extended overlanding expedition around the world or Alaska to Ushuaia. I currently have a fellow that’s looking into financing for it with the intent to doing that North-South America trip and is test driving it in two weeks. In the mean time it’s still available for inspection.
I would have to objectively rate the condition as excellent. The paint on the truck cab is without any oxidation, scratches or dents, the bed is likewise with the exception just behind the rear doors about 24” high there is gravel pecking of the paint. What I would do is have Rhinoline truck bed liner in white sprayed on those areas to protect them. I’ve considered doing the same on my H3 overland build Hummer on the rear fender flares where we get gravel flying back there.