2002 Tahoe "Expedition" build


2002 Tahoe Expedition Veh - Build Thread

Hello All
Thought I would finally introduce my ride, I have been working on her just about non stop since I bought it in 2005. Ever since I have slowly been working towards turning it into an Expeditionary Vehicle. I finally have it to a point that I feel that the project is just about 75% done......

Here is what has been done so far:
BlackBear Tune ( hoorah! )
Flowmaster Series 50 Dual Side outs
Volant CAI intake mated to a Safari Snorkel (converted one for a Toy)
Defender Roof Rack
Go Rhino push bumper with Hella Lights
Z71 Air Dam with Angel Eyes fog lights, air dam painted black
North Face Gauge Face set from JP Customs
All interior dash lights converted to red
cassette deck removed and replaced with Cobra CB radio
XM radio
PIE Aux - 9 Input Adapter
Kennesaw Mountain Acc. rear bumper with tire carrier, hi-lift jack mount, tow points, LED reverse lights, and removable jerry can holder
Z71 Rear Coils
2" coil spacers from MC Motorsports
F150 Keys
Debadged & Dechromed
windows tinted, Ventshades, bugshield
converted DRL's into fog lights
American Racing Mojave's in black Teflon
Nitto Terra Grapplers in 295/70/R17

To be done:
KC lights for the Defender Rack
Winch Ready front bumper with Mile Marker winch
On Board Air
12V cooler

I have already explored a bit of South Utah and North Arizona, but always in rental vehicles so I never had a chance to have real fun..... I can't wait to be ready to go run some trails.

Closeup of my Kennesaw Mtn rear bumper with the spit carriers....

If anyone is interested, I have done a complete write up on the snorkel conversion over on z71tahoe-suburban.com, under " Off Road Tech ". I am really, really glad to have found this forum and others who love an Expeditionary ride.....:safari-rig:

Any comments or suggestions appreciated...
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Nice Tahoe. Dont see those much on here. I used to have one and really enjoyed it. One advantage is all the great space. welcome to the expo..


Wow, very cool! I don't think i've ever seen a tahoe that isn't stock or on chrome 20's. It's nice to see something unique!:wings:

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Thanks folks. I was referred to this forum by someone on my Z71 forum, and boy am I glad to have found it. What a wealth of information here, and it is nice to find that there are lots of other people that want to do this stuff.
Great site!

Part of the appeal to converting a Tahoe into an EV is the fact that it is such a rarity. The Expedition Around the World Land Rovers from the 2005 trip are the inspiration for what I want my Tahoe to be.

If you are not familiar with the trip, check it out here.....

From 1997 to 2005 I went out West about a dozen times. I can never get enough, and the " itch " to return is getting just about unbearable....can't wait to get done the truck and start rollin....


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Very nice. I love those 5.3's. I wish my 80 had that kind of power and even the better mileage that they get.


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Nice looking Tahoe:clapsmile
I especially like the rear bumper...gives me an idea for a mod to my Buckstop back bumper:Mechanic:


Rather than start a new thread, I figured I would use this one to keep posting the latest and greatest on the Tahoe.

First off, I did get a request to show how my red dash lights look, so here is a time exposure I took, apologies for the slight blur.

I mounted 4 KC pencil beam off road lights to the Defender rack, but I had to fab up a couple of brackets so that the lights would sit lower, enabling me to still carry my kayaks.

I have a new XM radio - I got the RC full color version, and added the Scan Gauge 2. I made a bracket that mounted to the back side of the XM holder, and mounted the Scan Gauge to it. I love the SG2, and wouldn't have known about it without this site. Thanks much. I also got a bracket to mount my PN20 GPS so I can have a backup unit instantly ready.

I have done some subtle changes to the KMA rear tire carrier. I had the tire holder rewelded closer to the body as well as a bit closer to the center line of the truck. Completely removed the factory hitch and had a receiver tube welded up to the bumper.

Lastly, a "just because" pic, with my dog Sabre. He is my pride and joy.

Maximus Ram

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Man, the rig is coming along and looking sweet. Looks like something that would be coming in behing those black helicopters flying around:D :hehe: :hehe: :Wow1:


Very nice rig!

Was the rear bumper custom and can you get it set up to carry two cans as well?

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Thanks for the compliments. Yep, I chase black helicopters, hee hee. Anyway, the bumper is sort of custom. Kennesaw Mountain Acc has them in their standard catalog, but I contacted them about making the split carrier a bit differently than normal. So, it was made to order, my specs. I have been eyeballing the jerry can holder, I think I can make an adapter to carry 2 jerry cans for trips without too much trouble, as the width of it is perfectly the size of 2 cans side by side - I measured it yesterday. So, something else for me to tinker with over the summer. Will post up a pic when I do the mod.