2004 Tundra Adventure Cab - Build/Adventure Thread


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So most already know that the Fox 2.5 coilovers lower spring retainer will hit your brake lines under certain conditions. Extremely unsafe condition as one has already reported it cut his hardline and lost his brakes. The quick fix was to switch to a banjo style brake line and banjo bolt. I did this swap to prevent loosing my brakes but they still hit even with a lower profile. Over time it seems to be gouging into it more to the point that it knock the banjo bolt loose. Resulting in loosing my brakes. Lucky I just had to tighten it back up and top fluid off.
Been meaning to email fox and I finally did. I told them I have enough adjustment to back the spring off a few inches if they could provide something that would bring the retainer up an inch or so. Originally I was hoping they would send a new lower shock mount as this is treaded in the shaft. Only issue is you would get more droop than what is safely allowed imo. Similar effects of a spacer lift. To my surprise Fox email me back saying to use 05-On Tacomas. PN 234-00-383 spring retainer which is taller and tapered. So I emailed back and said is this something you guys going to provide to fix a very big safety issue with their coilover design. Next email just asked for my address and a fews later they showed up. I also asked if they are going to redesign their coilovers on these to not have this issue. They just said they will look into it.

So my suggestion is to be nice and email fox with supporting photos. Keep bring up this is a safety issue and if you have family. Let them know.

Anyone else looking to buy fox 2.5. I would highly recommend they get built with the Tacoma spring retainers instead.

I haven’t tested them yet but visually it looks good. Time will tell. I also have 700lbs springs

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King also has a specific set of lowers for yotas that pushes the spring up relative to the lower shock eye.


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Some photos from my thanksgiving break adventure. Snow camping for the first time. Got to really put my chines Diesel Heater to the test. With temps one night dropping to 7f and was able to keep my topper in the mid 70s all night running at half setting in the heater. At full I could easily cook myself out pushing interior temps to 90f plus lol.

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