2005 Ford F-450 Earthroamer, Salvaged, Mexico, Auction


Someone will overpay for this for sure. What's with the suspension? Tires are like tucked-in to the wheel wells. "Fixed in no 2 position"? I wasn't aware that these old earthroamers came with air suspensions...

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Eeeeh. 6.0 PSD and a salvage title...red flags. For 90K there are loads of other great vehicles in the 40-60k range. 🤓


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6.0 with a salvage title + issues = stay away. I can never understand why someone wouldn't at least try to put lipstick on it. Get it waxed, put on new tires, fix the suspension, etc. How many people are going to drop $90k for a fixer-upper?


The one for sale in Mexico is #9 The one Plainsmuse had for sale was #9.

So I wonder what happened for this to be seized by the Mexican government.

Maybe Plainsmuse has an answer.

Without that it would be difficult to even consider a purchase in mexico and on the return it is seized by US Customs and returned to Plainsmuse.
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The last post I see from Plainsmuse offers the Earthromer for rent. Perhaps someone rented it, stole it, and took it to Mexico?



Looks like the bidding has ended, without reserve met.

55K plus was highest bid.

unbelievable anyone would consider buying this vehicle with all the south of the US border, salvage title sketchiness.
I don't find it hard to believe. People are stupid with their money these days. So many dreamers want an earthroamer but don't want to pay for it. This could very well end up being the type of story you hear on your local news broadcast about some young couple who bought an RV in mexico getting arrested at the border.

Recommended books for Overlanding


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OK. Per Racing Dad, and his inquiring mind, I am involved in a lawsuit against the State of Chiapas, where ER#009 was supposed to be held until settled, per court order by their Federal Court. It would appear not so.
It is reported stolen, per Texas DPT and Maverick County Sheriffs Department, around the time of the sale. It was reported being seen by a lawyer and my interpreter back around the same time, so hard to say if sale was or wasn't real. A lurker claims to have purchased it in California, who has made no posts thus far. It could be a hoax, or an ex-Navy Seal with a bone to pick, and a cross to grind, who lists his name as the one I know.
It is a long story how it got to be in their possession, and should I start, it would be nearly a book. Suffice it to say, the locally trained Terrorism Anti-Narco culabras:costumed-smiley-007 came and exercised me out of it, and they and their hefies have been lying, cheating, swindling, and extorting me thus far. I made it as difficult on them as possible, just short of the point of being shot, at Huixtla, Chiapas Department of SAT/Mexican IRS, on January 21st, 2016.
My one and only interpreter, the leader of the Black Garbed, Anti-Terrorism/Narco Unit, advised me, "Ha ha gringo. You are mean to Mexicans in Texas, and I am taking my vengeance on you." That was my anglo/saxon white first real time experience with racism. I grew up with Native Americans, African Americans, and Hispanic Americans, and always prided myself at my associations with them. I clearly thought I was friends with them all, and everyone should just accept that I am a "nice guy." Wakey wakey.:Wow1:
I had them distract me away from the drivers seat, while "inventorying" the engine compartment, which they opened without my permission. Some one or other stole the keys out of the ignition while I stopped them. I got back in the vehicle, but was already blocked in on all four sides by Dodge 2500's, and had a contingent of Mexican Army, Navy and Marines stationed with their State Trooper/Federalies, all armed with varying HK's, FAL's, M16's, so I bolted self in to wait till clearer heads prevailed in the morning. That led to their removal of the sky light, walking on the solar panels by two armed infiltrators, and my convincing the one English speaking leader of the universal acceptance by courts internationally of the "castle defense." Apparently he believed me, and had the roof top invasion ceased, which led to the use of the keys on the back door. I am surprised they didn't break the key, as we fought to lock and unlock the back door for several hours. I decided on the extra warm night, after running out of water and yelling myself hoarse, to yield rather than have them damage the vehicle any further. Thus began my frustrations and efforts to recover and pursue legally restitution.
So, that is what I will attest to thus far, at this time. Mostly because I don't have all the details at this time, and whoever does have Earthroamer #009 ought to know they have it unlawfully. Should anyone know who or where it is presently, I and the rule of law that governs this present country would like to have a conversation with them in court, the police station, or with arbitration if they are of sound mind, of the benefit of having a lawfully held Title and Registration.