2005 Toyota Tundra/2004 Northstar Cabover Camper


2005 Toyota Tundra

View attachment 8670I am selling my 2005 Toyota Tundra 4X4 Access Cab.

Toyota Tundra - Private party price is between $22,000.00 and $25,000.00 and Retail is $28,630.00. Asking $23,000.00

I'm also getting rid of the camper. Asking $7,000.00

If interested call me on my cell - 775-223-1947.
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Note that I edited your post... your link was to the edit page of craigslist and not the actual ad.




Guess I should explain why I'm getting rid of the truck/camper.

Grew up w/VW Westys and got the itch again, but didn't want some of the old issues, and we venture out to where the VW just had issues going. Came across the Sportsmobile, and I found out they used to do the Westys for VW. Went down to the factory in Fresno and really liked the 4X4 conversion w/the setup just like the old VW's. 2nd visit confirmed I wanted one and started the order process....If I get rid of the truck and camper I'll be tent camping for a while, but it's worth it :camping: