2005 Toyota Tundra DC Build

Grew up always admiring Toyotas and I purchased a 2001 Tundra as my first new vehicle in September of 2001. I was a bit of a construction gypsy back then moving around the South and Northwest building power plants. After I purchased it I knew some updates were needed and it was fun to be part of, what was then, a small group of Tundra owners. As I searched the internet I found Tundra Solutions (I have a build thread over there, but thought I would go a bit deeper here as this forum seems more active these days). The wealth of information there allowed me to compare options, obtain maintenance guidance, and of course see the results of hundreds of other Tundra lovers modifications. The first thing I wanted to do was replace my tires. I got about 20,000 miles out of my OEM tires and definitely needed an upgrade. Despite having the TRD suspension I decided to upgrade that, and then see what size tires after that. In 2002 a product by Sway-A-Way Race Runner was being modified and sold as the Team West Coil Over. I had to have one. It was a 2.0 Coil Over, shiny red, Nitrogen Charged, custom valved to the Tundra, and it leveled the truck. Install was interesting, but the tire shop on County Line Road in Jackson, MS helped me out. I then ordered a Skid Row front skid plate, a Wheeler’s differential drop kit, and the Wheeler’s Add-A-Leaf kit. This empowered me to buy BFG ATs in LT285/75R16 mounted on American Racing AR23 wheels. A few months later I was forced to install the Kartec 930 CV Boots. :) I ran this system for 10+ years. In 2014 I had to replace the lower bearings on the coil overs and installed new CV boots as the Kartec ones had a slight tear.

In 2006 my wife and I moved to Alaska. It is where our 3 children were born and we grew to love Alaska and all it offers. However, as my kids grew larger, the small backseat of my 2001 Access Cab Tundra was no longer feasible. Not wanting to spend the dollars for a new truck I began to explore other options. Despite multiple mental road trips (4 Door Tacoma, 4Runner, LandCruiser, Sequoia, etc.,) I kept coming back to the Gen 1 (2000-2006) Tundra, and more specifically the Gen 1 Double Cabs (2004-2006). These 4 door trucks feature a generous back seat and a 6’ bed. I spent about a year searching before I found the right truck at the right price. The summer of 2016 found me a happy owner of a 2005 Tundra Double Cab.

It was extremely hard to part with the 2001. Memories of trips with the kids as babies, the last road trip with my Grandfather, family hunts in Eastern WA, and more came flooding back as I made the tough call to pass it along. Reality is that it is just a “thing” and the memories are what are priceless. I wish I had taken more picture.... With that said, it had to go... I jumped right into getting the 2005 up and running as fast as I could. It took me years to get my 2001 exactly as I wanted it, and I had plenty of time to build this one in my mind. Below is what I did.

2005 Toyota Tundra Double Cab 4x4
King .2.5" Front Coil Overs w/ Light Racing Upper Control Arms (Part #25001-138)
Off Road Solutions High Angle Inner CV Boot
Skid Row Front Skid Plate (removed from 01, sanded it down, and repainted it to cover minor rust)
Wheeler’s Off Road Differential Drop Kit
Wheeler’s Tundra Sway Bar Bushing / Bumpstop Kit, Anti-Sway Kit,
Wheeler’s 3 Leaf Add a Leaf Pack (I installed without the factory overload leaf, but I want to add that back in)
Bilstien 5100 Rear Shocks (removing the rear shocks was an immense pain) (While Ok, I wonder if these are properly paired to the Kings up front, I wish I had researched matching front and rear better)
Leer Canopy (color matched)
OEM 5 Spoke Wheels w/ Cooper Discoverer S/T MAXX LT255/80R17E (w/ matching spare)
Kenwood Excelon DDX593 Receiver w/ Video Capability
LED Cab Lights upgrade
LED Light Setup for Canopy Interior (Costco Special, battery powered w/ remote $18!)
Color Matched Mirrors (a junkyard find!)
Toyota TRD Dual Exhaust
WeartherTec Floor Mats

On My to do list:
Tundra Steering Rack Bushing Kit
Rear Differential Breather Mod
Install Rear Backup Camera (IMO, a required device with young kids)
Off Road Jack & Tools Organization
Recovery Gear Upgrade (I have some Come-A-Longs and Tow straps, but nothing organized in a nice kit and ready to go)

After 12 years of living in Alaska we were forced to depart due to work related reasons. My L48 adventures involve much more driving time and a greater range of trip types. As such a few things are on my to do list to complete my set up.

I built a sleep shelf in the back, but now that I am running around with a dog crate in back, and face L48 crime rates, I am considering some changes to bed configuration. I'd love to go with a Decked system, but to fit the Gen 1 Tundra it takes some cutting and customizing. Another option is the Truck Vault, but it is twice the price of Decked. At this time I am leaning toward the Decked system and doing the modification. I have talked to a guy who has one, so I knew it is possible. Just hard to pay the $$ and then cut something up... :)

Thoughts so far. The 2005 features a great engine. It feels more lively than the 2001, and the 6 speed transmission is nice. The King Coil Overs are about as amazing as one can get in this truck. Beefy, bright blue, and smooth riding these bad boys are all about quality. Wheeler’s Off Road and Anchorage’s Green Tree Fabrication were essential in helping this “non-mechanic” up to speed and running smoothly.

On My Wish List:
Bumpers (not sure which ones. I like the look of the Iron Bull low profile ones, or an ARB without the hoop (if this is possible.)
Front Bumper Musings...
Upgraded Fog Lights, possible light bar?
Low profile with spot for future winch
Must be compatible with my Skid Row Skid Plate
Rear Bumper Ideas....
OEM one is ok function wise for my use, but it would be nice to be able to hold a gas can or water jug back there. Not sure I would put a tire on it. My spare tire is underneath; possible 6th tire could go on roof if needed??
Must be able to utilize my hitch for towing and have spot for my backup camera.

Upgrade Driver’s seat (just want something a little more comfortable) Suggestions?
Install Roof Racks & Basket on the Canopy (Yakima Tracks the best to add? Have a question into Leer as to proper placement for maximum strength)
On Board Water System (for cleaning gear, but mostly for cleaning the dang dog off!) Really digging the simplicity of the Waterport.

In reality bumpers are big dollars and I’d rather spend the money doing something. Perhaps someday someone will damage a bumper and I can upgrade then, but they sure look good! :)

Tundra01.jpg 2005 Tundra Blank Slate.jpg SidexSide.jpg 2005 Tundra Kings.jpg 2005 Tundra Rear Bilsteins 2.jpg Wheelers AAL Ready to Go.jpg Wheelers AAL In Process.jpg Bilsteins_01.jpg
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Some more photos....

Need a DECKED System..jpg Back End, showing the need for some organziation
Chains-Prepping for the ALCAN.jpg Getting some real chains fitted up for the ALCAN
Sleeping Deck 2.jpg Budget sleep deck, tight, but works.
LED Lights in Canopy.jpg $18 LED Light kit via Costco
Before it hit 100K.jpg I bought it at 88k, I am hoping to get another 200K+
Skid Row Plate Touch Up.jpg Cleaning up the Skid Row Plate before mounting onto the 2005
2005 Tundra Rear Bilsteins.jpg Rear end suspension work
HighAngleCV Boots.jpg High Angle CV Boot kit.
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And some more....
2005 Tundra SV-02.jpg The 2005 with the new Coopers
Kings_04.jpg New Kings! (Part # is in there in case someone is curious)
Kings_01.jpg Installed
ALCAN-BC.jpg Making memories on the ALCAN
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Sweet Tundra(s). I'm curious to see what you come up with for the driver's seat. I love the armrest but I do feel like it lacks adequate lumbar support compared to my previous trucks.

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One more for today..

I tried two different things that failed during this build.
1) Purchased a set of Limited Leather seats. Got the whole setup, seats, center console, seat belts the works. Could not get the electrical to all work out. Powered Driver seat would not respond and the air bag light on the passenger side was not working. So, went back to the bench and have grown to like having 6 seat capacity. Would like to upgrade the comfort of the driver's seat and get some more all weather seat covers at some point.
2) Tried to swap over the BGs and AR23 wheels from my 2001. Just could not get them to balance so they went back on the 01 (where they seemed to do ok) before I sold it.

05Tundra-001.jpg Seatswapfail.jpg with the 2001 tires.jpg Trying to SWAP Tires - did not work.jpg Tundra01.jpg WA WET.jpg Sleeping Deck.jpg MakingMemories-2005Tundra.jpg
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This weekend I tried out my eBay special awning / camp shade. Was at a dog training event and it worked great. Stakes that came with it are utter junk, but those are easy to upgrade.



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Any luck with your seats yet? I have an 03 and the driver seat is definitely lacking in the lumbar department... Been wondering what to do about it.
Any luck with your seats yet? I have an 03 and the driver seat is definitely lacking in the lumbar department... Been wondering what to do about it.
No, I tried doing a seat swap, but air bag connectors and power never lined up. At this point I think a custom job is about my only option... I miss the powered leather seat from my 01 Limited.