2006 DC Tundra. DD meets ongoing tinkering.

I did not "need" it, but, it was something I wanted. My Tundra has a 130A alternator that puts about 14.0V pretty consistently. The alternators output is controlled by the ECM and is pretty much capped at 14.0. You can buy diode resistor things that plug into the alternator and OEM harness and trick the alternator to putting out more than 14.0V.

As noted above, AGM's like 14.4 and Lead Acids are happy at around 14.0. I put it on once a month overnight and it just gets the batteries back up and keeps them healthy.

Also, Odyssey makes amazing products and I like tools and electronics. So why not.
I use on of these. It's installed in the back of my truck with a plug in port on the outside. Usually the solar panel does the job, but I plug it every month or so to refresh it.
I see that you are using the green/amber contura switch from OTRATTW.

Do you have any night pictures of it illuminated? I am interested to see how closely it matches the stock Tundra green dash.
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I don't have a picture of the light bar switch ATM, I'll try and get one for you. I however, have one of my winch switch which is the same color.
They both match perfectly to my dash. Looks OEM.

Thanks for the pic. Those look great!

I've done more research on AGMs and understand your above posts now.
Why did you not want to try to increase the alternator output to 14.5? Is it a risky modification?