2006 GX 470 Sport Aggressive Oil Leak


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Hi all. Our GX 470 has sprung an oil leak. I am no mechanic, but here it goes.

While driving, there is a smell of burning oil. After parking an aggressive leak is noticed below engine. If left in one place for 8 hours, I would say a tablespoon of oil drips out. It is definitely engine oil, NOT tranny or transfer case fluid.

I have been keeping an eye on it as to not run too low.

I have seen a youtube video showing a rubber engine oil cooler line being replaced with a metal unit.

Can anybody give me some help as to what it "may" be before I go to a shop?


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Check your valve cover bolts. They should be snug. Don't over torque the 10 mm bolts. Look around the lower part and sides of each valve cover for oil staining. Of course this is the simplest thing. If you are able to take the lower engine cover/skid plate off you may see where the oil may be coming from. I dislike leaks and sometimes they take awhile to find because the oil travels. If you take the cover off and can't find the leak you may have to clean under the engine and then go for a short drive to see where the oil is dripping. Good luck.


Probably valve cover gaskets as mentioned above - sometimes tightening the bolts a bit can fix it (they may back out over time), but you may also need new gaskets.


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Thanks guys... checking this tomorrow. After having done some research, this seems like the most likely thing.

Will keep you posted.