2006 Jeep LJR Safari/expedition build


Hey all! Ive been a member of the forum for a few months, thought Id share my build with you all. Heres what I have so far:
2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon
Light Khaki
4.0 Liter Engine
Factory front and rear lockers
Hard and Soft top
ARB Front and Rear Bumpers
ARB Tire carrier
Warn M-8000s
ARB Hi Intensity Flood and Spot lights
305/70R16 Nitto Mud Grapplers
OME 939 front springs
OME 996 rear springs
31.5 Gallon Genright Safari Gas tank
JKS Quick Discos
JKS 1" Body Lift
Brown Dog MML

I think thats it for now.
Future plans include:
Gobi Ranger Roof Rack
ARB Simpson tent
ARB Outback solutions Drawer System
ARB Twin Air Compressor
IPF 968 Fog Lights (on top of roof rack)
ARB 37 Qt. Fridge Freezer
285/75R16 BFG K02s
IPF Backup Light


Yeah she has no rust on her and I plan on keeping her forever. I live in illinois, one flurry and they put tons of salt on the ground. I have an XJ for the winter


Looks awesome! How do you like the ome springs? Does the handling differ between hard and soft tops?

Happy Joe

Apprentice Geezer
Looks great!
Its what I was looking for but could only find a TJ-R....
Auto or manual transmission?
What axle gearing do you have?

My first mod was to replace the oil pump drive since they have a poor reputation.
My second was to do a fluid replacement in the auto tranny.
Sometime this winter mine will also get a transmission cooler, to help keep the automatic transmission from overheating (common).



Yes the handlings different. Hard top is much heavier. Its on the jeep now. I love the springs. I doubt any other spring could hold up all that weight.


Auto, with 4.11s from the factory. Shouldve included that in the thread. I havent touched the OPDA. but now that i said that i will. Tranny cooler will come after all the weight is on her.