2007 LR3 - my 10 yr build thread...

Realizing I never started a proper "build thread", I'll begin it now as a 10 year anniversary thread. I'll update this first page soon with the basic full rundown which is usually where people make their 'wishlist' or plans. In this case, it'll mostly be 'done as such'. However, is the 'wishlist' really ever finished?...

2007 Land Rover LR3 V8 HSE Java Black/Alpaca. Bought new with 2 miles May 2007 at Land Rover Cary NC

Today has 129,000 miles...

ARB bull bar w winch & Dixon Bate recovery points. Tucked upward washer tank and EAS valve block.

Kaymar rear bumper w tire carrier modified to set tire toward center as to not block view of right brake lamp. Also added 2" receiver arm for bike racks (one of the most functional changes made to this LR3. Entire bike rack and tire swings away!)

Sliders Rover Specialties - refinished by hot dip galvanizing and powdercoating. Should last longer than rest of vehicle now ;)
EAS compressor relocated up higher so that bottom edge is well above frame and within confines of slider protection without vibrations. This required several small adjustments most notably adding galvanized washers at EAS side sill mount points to space the slider lower just enough for EAS compressor clearance.

Underbody armor: Rasta transmission and engine plates plus radiator corners and connection to bumper. Since upgraded trans plate bolts to M14x2.0

Fuel tank 2nd into factory spare tire location.

Rear differential guard - ASFIR steel 5-16" 26lbs! (Detailed below)

Hannibal roof rack plus rear and side self supporting awnings - complete with 3 walls for creating 'rooms'

ARB Roof tent, most recently mounted for opening over bonnet w ladder onto bumper. This orientation allows for more forward location freeing up some rear rack space. 1/2 of 83" long rack is still open for various uses.

Dual battery system: Odessey 1750 main + 2150 house (200ah) - very simple using the basic Wrangler switch with it always charged while engine running. Various items run solely off 2nd such as 4 12v sockets, the 110 inverter, all side lamps in center dome lamp housings as well as the 3rd row reading lamps. The center dome lamps remain as normal.

Air on board: ARB single chamber compressor mounted in engine bay, between driver headlamp and 2nd battery bay with control, outlet, and gauge here as well as redundant inside driver rear cargo side hatch near lift gate.(original location, with engine bay added later for much more convenient tire airing up.). Air fills a supplemental tank mounted under passenger side between sill and frame (used another factory EAS tank and mounted to same EAS mounts that appear on both sides of body). The tank idea was specifically for bursts of high psi to seat tubeless mountain bike tires with shop-like ease.

Lighting: supplemental roof lighting options 4 forward on 3 switches and 2 rear on 1 switch. All run through rear hatch so no body/roof holes were made. Also switch for 2 bumper located lights ( none of the above lighting currently mounted as it became less needed)

ARB fridge 40L (metal Engel model) sits in 2nd row center seat slot while the 3rd row was removed to allow for tucking away hardly used but highly appreciated if needed recovery items such as Bushranger (air filled bag) X-jack, magical 'choc tracks', basic recovery gear (chain, straps, pulley, etc, high-lift plus base & wheel lift) in addition to camp stools and mini tables! Yes, all of it below floor line where 3rd row seats were.

IIDtool and LLAMS EAS interface (allows on-the-fly adjustments of -20mm, +20, +50mm as well as an additional emergency maximum extension in either direction of approx 20mm but mainly in the rear)

Tires: 32" last few years with all the standard body and fender liner modifications. 33.7" recently with additional minor changes so far.
BFG KM2 285/70-18 some rubbing on actual ladder frame but only at maximum turning where system starts to end anyway. This would not work with any spacer. Weighs 94 lbs mounted!

BFG KO2 275/65-18 no rubbing in any maximum articulation or full drop onto bump stops.
Michelin M/S 2 275/65-18 have used it off road in all but mud or deep snow and it's done great for a highway tire.
Winter: 17" Nokian LT2 studded E load 245/75-17 required grinding the calipers a bit plus use of exactly 30mm spacer. Although v6 spec brake kit conversion process is started.
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Yesterday completed latest addition of ASFIR differential guard. Finally installed ... after at least 10 test clamping trips under the vehicle and subsequent removal for roughly 30 stages of bending at 13 point locations. The ASFIR engineers didn't account for the future potential of enlarged aftermarket exhaust tubes such as Magnaflow...(exhaust drama : another detailed post of its own)




This now represents the lowest clearance point and is right at 14" on maximum height. At the slider it's 17-18" front to rear. Not bad considering it can also get inside a standard 81" garage door with a rack still on.

For respective, a solid axle vehicle with 36" tires will loose about 5" at the differential 18-5=13. This is what's so awesome about EAS when configured to its potential.
Refinishing time due to rust: Removed tire carrier which was in 50/50 condition, bumper itself was 90% rust free but the trim caps were 95% rust LOL. Only way to get them off was bumper too... can O worms as they say ;)




Solo rack removal leaving mounts and rear awning attached...



Slide 2x4 across lying flat, twist to raise rack, slide rack off overhead, relocate. So simple! Reverse to install
Fiberglass waffleboard bridging ladders tuck between sitting on factory rails and under Hannibal rack via custom made 1/4" thick aluminum track blocks tapped for threaded stainless rod screwed in from above, held by wing nut. Snugged 1/4 turn by a tool.

~1/4" gap between glass roof and ladders at middle supports body weight even when used as photography platform when rack is not in place. Grip tape applied to glass roof for tripod feet locations only - not human feet ! ;)

Thanks for doing this build thread. I have read your comments on other threads it is nice to see some details of how and what you did.
While bumper is off realized there's a better way for it to mount so as to use a single long bolt as opposed to the crazy wire fed bolts which rust badly and probably would be in forever had I not done this now.

Originally the wire welded to bolt approach seemed cool as it did not require drilling of the frame. However, the wires are almost rusted beyond ability to remove the bolts or at least to use again. After careful inspection and several measurements, it looked like I could get a straight shot through from the top bolt hole against the bumper interior framework and out the bottom. This allows for a single 8" long 5/8 grade 8 plated bolt which makes installation or removal a breeze and for practically indefinite time period even if rusted.




New hole as seen straight down through. Beautiful ;)

Kaymar bottom flange, smaller M14 old hole, new larger hole for 5/8


What kind of aux tank are you using? Did you modify the filler neck or use what was supplied?

Love the build. So exactly what size tires are you running in these pictures? I know you have extensive trimming, just curious to see what size is tucked in those wells at access height.
Tank is the Australian Longer Ranger. Using as supplied, dual neck works fine. Dash photo at factory lights switch shows the tank pump switch on left with approximate gauge.

First photo with roof tent deployed and 'slammed' suspension is with Michelin M/S-2 275/65-18 which is a true/full 32" (I found that the BFG AT KO2 is not that large, more like 31.7 or less) these have a very wide/round mid section too so that actually look pretty cool for a 'highway' tire. They're actually quite good on 4x4 trails off camber, cross axle, etc as long as there isn't super mucky mud. However, as expected, they are super smooth quiet and great handling on the highway at speed with fuel economy near 20 mpg if roof is empty.
Closer. Test fitting the clamp guides with new stainless M10 hardware. The old stuff was crap.



Edited to add this progress view.
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