2007 Sprinter Van need advice!!


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I just had a pre-purchase inspection done at the Mercedes Benz dealer in Northwest Arkansas. They quoted me about $10,000 worth of repairs. Taking into consideration that dealers over-price both parts and labor, I would like some advice on what you guys think as far as what I actually NEED to replace??

The current owner is a very cool guy to work with, and he has been very honest throughout this whole process. I don’t think he is trying to hide anything at all, yet I still need to come up with a decision and/or make an offer for the vehicle. And advice or suggestion are helpful!!

(I have also attached pics of what the dealer quoted me on repair costs, as well as the NADA value!)

Thank you in advance :)


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Wow.. crickets.. no advice from anyone yet? I don’t have a Sprinter, but I’m guessing a lot of that stuff can be done in the driveway for way cheap. I’m guessing the steering rack should be done for sure though. Anyone??


Take it for 2nd and 3rd opinions. The dealership wants that one traded in for a new one. That is how they do it.


You didn't say whether or not you had the tools or know how to do any of it yourself so there wasn't much to say. If you do have the means, then I would say you could save the most money by taking on the front suspension/steering install yourself. The majority of the cost for that is labor, you can buy the parts on rockauto then take it to a local alignment shop when you're done.


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I think that list contains several unnecessary operations. Price out the cost of the parts on europarts-sd.com. the dealer prices are quite high.

Most of the stuff is just labor. If you are DIY type, or have a trustworthy local independent, it would be much cheaper.


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yes, my bf and I do expect to do most of the work on our own. I guess I was more asking for advice on if anyone thought this van (considering age/miles) was worth putting all the money and effort into repairing. Sprinters are my dream van, and I have finally found one in my price range and within distance to me! Seemed too good to be true. Thanks for the responses, and for help with the websites that I can find parts on!!

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is the mileage 250000 miles? If so, I would indeed expect to have to spend quite some money on it. I have a feeling that they have quoted a lot of small things, but they may have missed some bigger ones coming up soon. Has the transmission ever been replaced?


How much are you going to pay for the van? If you are paying $5k less than book value, could be worth it. I wouldn't pay near book value for that because it needs so much work. Full time, you could probably have everything fixed in 2 weeks. But it's older with a lot of miles on it. If you are paying $7k or less, I would probably go for it. But consider your budget.


If you are on a budget I would not buy a Sprinter, too expensive to maintain and too few dealers. I went with a high roof Chevy but could have gone Ford, if I had found one. I think you will find a big difference between a 2007 and recent years. This is just my opinion, do what suits you.


I would not risk it with a 250k Sprinter. The repairs won't be over when that list is, they'll keep coming. The problem is you won't be able to do many of them unless you have diagnostic equipment and are pretty handy with wrenches.

I would also recommend a used Transit, they are getting cheaper and are a lot of van for the price.


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I don't know what is available in the original poster's area, but in central PA we have an independent used car dealer that does super high volume in low mileage used vehicles from fleets. (All pricing is no-haggle) Inventory turnover is high, so when you see what you want, you need to be prepared to act. Currently the dealer has a bunch of 2018 Chevy Full size vans with less than 15K miles for around $22K. Gas motor, GM parts, remainder of factory warranty, probably 85,000+ miles before any non-routine maintenance comes up...

In 2015 I bought a 2015 low roof Promaster from the dealer , So far I've added 45,000 miles to the 15K it came with and the only non-routine maintenance being the AC compressor. (Routine is tires + brakes, wiper blades, etc.)

The Sprinter being consider by the OP, NADA say 'rough is $9K, so let's say $8K + $5K for repairs + $3K for the big repair that is probably on the horizon at high mileage.. so maybe $16K invested.
That extra $6 for a late model, low mileage van seems to be a good value (at least to me).

Like others recommend , I would consider something else besides the Sprinter.