2008 F350 Super Duty 6.4L Powerstroke


I have debated dedicating a thread to my truck and experiences and decided that there are enough people with similar trucks that may find some parts or experiences that I have had useful.

As the thread title states my truck is a 2008 F350 Super Duty diesel crew cab with a 6.75 foot bed. A lot of people on this forum in particular associate the 6.4L with issues for some reason. The 6.4L addressed a lot of the issues that the 6.0L had and had a short run because Ford used it as a stop gap to get their own 6.7L out. Many of the issues with the 6.4 are related to the emissions equipment that was mandated. Maintain the emissions equipment (expensive but worth avoiding issues) or get rid of it with the knowledge that you may get cited. Current mileage on my truck is 143k miles.

My truck in particular falls into the brodozer category because it is a big lifted diesel. I typically daily drive it unless I am knowingly going downtown or into parking structures it will not fit in. Average in town mileage lately is 13.5mpg with little attention paid to trying to save fuel. Average on highway is currently about 18mpg at 80mph. I live in a mountainous state and there are a lot of inclines that I drive on when on the freeway. When headed west of Albuquerque mpg does go up to 20-21 at that speed. I have very specific reasons as to why I have each part and why I chose a brand and a place to purchase it. If you have questions about a part feel free to ask.

Relevant modifications to this thread are:
6" rough country lift
Fox 2.0 IFP shocks
Smittybilt M1 front and rear bumpers
Superwinch Talon 12.5sr
37x 13.50 20 Toyo RTs
37x 13.50 20 Toyo MT full size spare with about half tread life
Bilstein 5100 series steering stabilizer
Complete Moog front end
Redhead steering box
Trail Tested MFG 12" bed rack
Tepui Ayer with winter hood

Upcoming modifications:
King shocks
ARB air lockers front and rear
4.10/4.11 gearing
Titan fuel tank
Tepui Autana XL Ruggedized
AMP retractable steps or possibly sliders

When I am not using my truck for daily driving and family in-town activities I do short off-road trips with my 4 year old daughter. Summer of 2018 my wife and youngest daughter will be joining us and we will be doing overnight to 2 to 3 night camping trips and exploring the back-country of NM.



Mine is in the bed as well. I have read that some people fit it under there, I haven't bothered to try. I haven't had a situation where I needed more room other than a short trip to get a couple of yards of top soil or gravel. I will remove it for that.


Viking with a Hammer
I often scrounge another XL Superduty wheel from a junkyard and keep a regular sized tire under the truck incase the large tire in the bed rolls away or also gets punctured. A little tire is better than no tire for times where the bed space is needed.

6" lift! That is big. The 6.4 worked fine for me. I think one in our fleet had a bad radiator, but that could happen to any brand.


The bushings are still in great shape. That said, I did replace the radiator at 165k miles when I replaced the intercooler. Both are Mishimoto and have worked great for the last almost 3k miles.

The bad radiator is s common issue, the side tanks bend and split wide open

The problem is typically cab bushings/isolators are shot and worn out very prematurely

They only made the 6.4 for three years, for a reason

Good video